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Predictions and Prophecies from Heaven


The above book was given to me from heaven in the year 2012. It was given with the title, The Spirit World Speaks. It was a title I didn’t like due to it sounding more of new age or spiritualist leanings, but I did as I was told.

Years later, I unpublished it and changed the name to what it is about, Predictions and Prophecies, also adding a new book cover. After a while, heaven told me why I’d had to call it by the original name, despite it not sounding as though it was from heaven.

It was because God wants to reach people from all walks of life, of all belief’s and none. The words within are so important, He wants to reach as many people as possible due to the urgency of the words.

They (heaven) also informed me my earlier books had to have had similar titles to reach those who maybe didn’t believe in God. Later ones were aimed at those who do.

Everyone has to be reached, and to do this, words, language and teachings have had to be given in ways that reach everyone and not just a select few. God does not discriminate, divide or decide only some are to be given guidance and a chance to be saved. Man is the one who does that.

The words in this book are the same whichever title one decides to buy or read. They are so important, they are to be available for all to read free of charge. You can do this by going to the link below and clicking the drop down pages on the headings at the top of that website.

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