The World is in Chaos

Look all around you and see the chaos, aggression and anger that’s everywhere we look. There is a young girl shouting angrily at politicians and the world, but who’s only been made famous due to her age and condition, despite not saying anything anyone didn’t already know.

The only difference in her and others in this field, is that she blames everyone but the people responsible for such damage – which is all of us – herself included. She doesn’t make any of you want to change your lives drastically, whereas real world leaders in this field do – and have done for many years. They even tell you what you should change.

She says to listen to scientists and so do her followers, but the problem with this advice is that scientists only tell us what’s happened AFTER the event and why it possibly did. How is telling us so angrily to do that helping prevent any of it? It isn’t.

The anger, name calling and ridicule aimed at those teaching what to change before events happen is getting worse. The ones who have made a difference over the decades before this girl, have done so in peace, calm and are the ones responsible for the positive changes we have already seen. They have warned us before events happen and continue to do so.

Then we have politicians who are causing more upset, wars and division than making peace and bringing people together. Everywhere we look, they are angry, causing upset and making their followers behave with the same anger and vitriol towards others. They are focusing on destroying others rather than building the people of their country up.

The present situation in the UK over the referendum and now the general election, has seen some of the worst and aggressive anger, disrespect for others and quite disgusting behaviour and language towards each other than ever seen before in our country. It can be said of other countries now too – such as the US has seen since Trump was elected.

Religion is the same. Everyone is broken up, divided, fighting for superiority and causing mayhem rather than encouraging peace, love, respect and unity. What has happened to the world we live in, as this badness has been seen to escalate almost out of control? Where did all this anger come from? Why is no one seeing those filled with the most anger are the ones achieving or actually doing the least?

Religion fights religion, man fights man, family members now fight family members and friends fight friends. We were told this would happen and that everywhere we went, everything we read and even our entertainment would be filled with hatred, division, aggression and out of control badness.

The world is in a mess. We are destroying the planet we live on and often despising the people we live alongside. Religion has seen a huge decline in numbers. People have turned away from God in their droves.

People are unable to separate God from religion anymore either, so when leaving one, they leave the other behind too. This leaves a void. Where goodness has been cast out, it leaves a space for badness to creep in – which it’s done.

Badness has been allowed to grow and spread until it is now the largest modern disease of the world – and the most unrecognised. It’s cause is also the least recognised.

People need to turn away from anyone who is dramatic, angry and the dividers who cast blame on everyone else. We all need to look at ourselves. Look at how we live, how our own lifestyle is often the biggest cause of destruction to our planet. How the religious superiority we have is dividing us from others and taking us further from God.

We need to look at how our political beliefs are making us selfish and aggressive towards our fellow man and see that we can change all these things if we wanted to. Love is the key, because with love – real love – comes respect, peace, harmony, a wish to encourage, support, help and build ourselves up as a force to be reckoned with against evil.

Evil is throughout everything in our world right now and it shows itself in the anger everyone is displaying. The more we are angry at each other, the more divided we are and the more Satan and evil can get a grip on everything and everyone we see. Much of the destruction, anger and badness we see happening in the world is due to man’s greed. Unprecedented greed that’s enveloping everyone in it’s grip.

By wanting less and giving to others more, uniting in goodness, in love and respecting each other, focusing on our faults and what we need to change as individuals, we will see love, respect and strength against evil grow. Goodness will once again start seeping into the world driving out the darkness that now envelops it and bringing in its place light. A light that is now missing.

I haven’t written anything on here for a long time – longest I’ve ever left it, but it’s because I know hardly anyone is listening and I’ve said it all before. Instead of wanting to hear about God and unity of all, people want someone to tell them only their way is the right one when often it isn’t.

They want fake visionaries, fake climate control ‘leaders’, politicians who shout and cause anger in their followers till disturbances and aggression is caused amongst the masses. Far too many people are fake ‘nice’ people too. They gush smarmily at anyone agreeing with them and allowing them to be as self absorbed as they like, without thought for who or what they hurt in the process.

The majority don’t want God in their lives and they don’t want humility or goodness. They don’t want to take blame for what’s happening, it’s easier to blame everyone else. They’d rather have anything or anyone that allows them to live life as they please as selfish and greedy individuals.

Rather than wanting what is good for us all as a World Family that should love one another and be united, they want anything they believe in or anything they want – and they want it now.

People power is more effective than anyone realises, and sadly, the power we’re seeing more of now is the angry, shouting, aggressive power. The power of emptiness that can’t accept responsibility for self. Gone is the peaceful world we say we desire. In its place is one where everyone falls out with everyone else and casts blame wherever they can rather than where it should be aimed.

These are the people worshipped, adored and glorified now. The good people of the world, the peacemakers and those who teach, guide and who try to spread goodness in a peaceful way are ridiculed and thought weak. Those who say which ways we need to change as individuals are ignored and attacked.

We can make a difference, but not how we’re being told to, because nothing done in aggression, anger and by dividing people can last or end in good. Change is only effective if we’re honest about how we live, about how we treat others. It is also only effective if we stop this anger, the aggression and most of all, stop blaming everyone but ourselves for the mess we have got ourselves and our planet into.

For yes, it is all down to us as individuals. Not anyone else – it’s about you and me – every single one of us. Are you one of the angry ones who always lays blame on others for what’s wrong in the world? Blaming politicians, leaders, religion, God, your family members, friends and anyone else you can? Or are you taking responsibility for your own deeds, thoughts and behaviour and leaving others to theirs?

If  every person in the world worried only about how they behave and live as individuals with peace and love in their hearts at all times, and not concentrate on the faults of others, what a difference we could make to the world and all who live in it with us.

Never mind all we read and hear that’s shouted at us in angry ways by so many now, instead, let’s focus within, focus on what is said and done only in love and said with calm, gentleness, kindness.

So many have been making a difference to our world for many years now for the better, but have been ignored or ridiculed. It is now time to listen to the peacemakers and those who teach and guide us in love rather than those who do it in hatred or anger.

It is time to turn the tide and listen to more peaceful ways that unite us all in making those much needed changes. It is time we changed OUR lives as individuals and stopped laying blame elsewhere. It is time to stop waiting for scientists to tell us what HAS happened and time to listen to the people asking us to change and advising what will happen if we don’t.

Take responsibility for what’s happening now, because it is us as individuals who caused, and who still are causing, the damage. Together, we can and will make a difference, but only if we stop fighting everyone all the time and make much needed changes now. Stop ridiculing those who tell us what lies ahead, because up till now, they’re the ones who have led us and been proven right – not the scientists.

We have to stop kidding ourselves it’s not our fault and that we can’t help change anything – we can. Love can conquer anything if only we’d let it.

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  1. Thank you so much Andrew. If you would like to chat with me at any time, please feel free to Skype with me, as I do, and have done, with so many. I thank you so much for your support and words of encouragement.

  2. Andrew Reynolds

    Hi Lorraine hope you are doing well.
    I need some spirit guidance want now what god wants me his will
    Be done or a little help.
    I have watched a lot of your videos please don’t stop if you reach one person it’s worth.
    Lorraine was baptised a catherlic never went church found
    God at home on own. Learning history of the rosary and praying
    Rosary bring me closer to God my father.

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