Christmas Blessings



Life has a strange way of throwing things at us when we least expect. Sadly, not all of those things are good experiences. It is at such times it is hard to accept God’s decisions and plans for us. They will test our faith, hope, trust and belief in Him, but we have to believe it all has a purpose and that one day, we’ll see the bigger picture and understand why such things had to happen how and when they did.

The last year or more has been a very hard one for my family, which is why I’ve taken time away from my blog, pages and books for now. Something had to give and that something was my work. My life needs to concentrate on my family first and foremost and this can’t be done if I’m devoting so much time to work as I used to.

There comes a time we all have to make decisions and decide what is most important for us at a given moment. For me, my family is what needs to be concentrated on with all efforts in their direction. My work with and for God can be set aside for now, as already, much has been shared that people can still read and hopefully find guidance, help and inspiration from.

In the meantime, my thoughts, love and prayers are still with everyone who finds, follows and supports me. Never a day goes by without my prayers being offered up for each and every one of you – even in my absence from here.

It may feel like God has abandoned us at times, but He hasn’t. He is always there beside us helping us through even the darkest of days no matter if we can’t always feel Him. Christmas brings joy to many as we see kindness, sharing, caring and giving, but it can also bring sorrow to those who have loved and lost.

No matter our loss or losses, how lucky we are, how wonderful to have known that love shared with those lost to us from this earthly life, no matter for how long or short a time we experienced it. 

To all of you celebrating with friends and loved ones, or remembering those no longer with you, may the love of God spread to you all this Christmas bringing  hope, joy, comfort, peace and everything it is you need or hope for. My love to each and every one of you this Christmas with heartfelt wishes for a healthy and joyful 2023.

God Bless you all, Lorraine xxx

God’s gift to us all – the beauty of Nature

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