Love and Embrace Who You Are

Instead of spreading words as usually asked to share, I want you to look at yourself. You are special, pretty wonderful, precious, unique and beautiful. I want you to embrace that, know it and accept this is who you are.

It doesn’t matter what others say about you, if they spread lies, what they think about how you look, dress, speak or behave. All that matters is how you feel about yourself and how God sees you. You may have quirky ways others see as different. Embrace it. It’s good to be or look different.

People often judge in ways they shouldn’t, but there are two ways of judging. One is acceptable, the other not. The one that is acceptable is the one where we judge a persons deeds – good or bad. Those deeds help us discern whether they are suitable or safe people for us to associate with or know. It is how we can avoid certain situations that may put us or our loved ones in danger. If their deeds and words are good, it helps us know it’s alright, that they will likely be safe and we’ll be safe with them.

The other type of judging is the one that is wrong. The one where people judge why others do those bad deeds or why they treat others badly. What drove them to be that way is not anything we know, hence we shouldn’t wish bad on them or judge them as people. Only judge their behaviour, words and deeds, not the person themselves.

Those who lie about us, say horrible things aimed to hurt, make us feel bad or done to make others see us in a bad light are the ones with the problem. They are putting their own inadequacies or insecurities onto us so they don’t have to face their own.

Instead of allowing it to affect you or believing their nasty jibes aimed at making you feel ugly, inadequate or unwanted, don’t despise them or try to retaliate in some way. Instead, feel sad for them and those who believe their lies about you without even taking time to get to know you. Ignore their mocking remarks made to make you feel ugly, unwanted and bad about yourself.

You know who you are. You know how you behave or think. You know you are just living your life the way that’s best suited for you. You look how you do because that’s who you are as an individual. You are beautiful. Please remember that.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, all that matters is how you think about yourself and how those you love, and who love you, do. You may only have one person in life who loves the real you, who you let see the real you, but that one person is worth far more than having a hundred or a thousand who are not genuine, true friends.

As long as you aren’t hurting anyone else in life, embrace who you are. Love yourself. Love who you have chosen to be, or what life has turned you into, even if it wasn’t what you would have chosen for yourself had things turned out differently.

Today is the start of your new life. Whatever or wherever you are, no matter what you’re doing, learn to love you. Accept yourself with all your good sides, faults and failings. You are human, we’re all human. We’re here to make mistakes, for mistakes are how we learn. Accepting, embracing and learning to change from those mistakes is how we grow and improve.

Take time to sit and look at yourself inside and out.  Do you like who you are, do you love who you are? If not, why not? Did someone make you feel insecure, unloveable or that you aren’t acceptable? Or have your own deeds, behaviour or even your natural born looks made you feel a need to change for what others think of as being for the better?

Whatever it is, love yourself. Even if you’ve hurt others in the past – knowingly or unknowingly – you can move past that and make sure the rest of your life is lived in as good a way as possible. No matter how you look, remember that is how God made you. He sees you as perfect just as you are. Those who love you will see you the same way. Those who don’t aren’t people you should have in your life.

Every day is a new beginning. Every mistake made is a chance to start afresh with more knowledge than we had before. It is a chance to rectify mistakes made, to start looking at ourselves properly as only we and God can see us and learning to love ourselves just as God does.

To God, whether people believe in Him or not, He believes in you and loves you unconditionally. He finds only beauty in you, perfection in you because He created you. If people choose to be bad, God even loves them. He despises their deeds, but He loves them and hopes they will one day repent and change for good. Just as any parent would with their own child.

Yes, there is true evil in the world, but there is also purity, goodness and light that can overcome any darkness. Be the one to spread that light, but start by allowing it to shine within and around you first and foremost before spreading it to others. You deserve it, you are entitled to it and no one should go through life thinking they aren’t as good, as beautiful or as talented as anyone else. You are all of those things. You are unique and you are special.

No matter how badly people treat you or talk about you, ignore them. Ignore all they do or say about you and remind yourself how special, how loveable, how good, how wonderful you truly are. Just because they can’t see it doesn’t mean you aren’t those things.

Just because they may be jealous of your goodness, don’t let their badness turn you to being hateful in return. Rise above such badness, walk away from it. Leave behind or cast out those in your life casting aspersions upon you and learn to walk alone if needs be where you can shine your beauty and love on others.

Beauty is not about how one looks, their features or body shape. It is about the true beauty that shines from within.Their very individuality, their uniqeness. Only the fickle measure a persons beauty on features or body shapes they think have to be a certain way to be perfect. Truly good people see beyond such things.

They see beauty in everyone they meet, the real person inside. From today, I’d love each and every single one of you reading this to be that special person who spreads kindness, light, love and your own inner beauty to others. Be that person who walks away from those who do the opposite, who are bitter and filled with hate.

I don’t like many people based on their deeds, but I love them as God asks of us to. I don’t like them at all, but I forgive them their badness against me and my family because I am being as God asks us to be and to be that way, we have to forgive no matter how bad the deeds, no matter if they never ask our forgiveness.

No matter how bad they have been to me or my loved ones, I wish them only love and a hope they can one day see the light, can come out of their self imposed darkness and embrace joy, spreading only love in place of their hate. How sad for a person to be filled with such hatred, venom and badness. How sad must they be inside? They need our prayers and love, not our hate.

Life is too short. It flies past us with months and years disappearing so quickly. Why allow that time to be filled with uncertainty, by allowing people disliking you and making you feel bad about yourself, abusing or lying about you? Discard them from your life. Let them continue spreading their lies and hate if they feel such a sad need, but let them do it without allowing it to affect or touch you any more.

Remember, you are beautiful. You are truly wonderful and precious. No one’s words or behaviour towards you can change that, so don’t give them that power over you. Take back your power. You are so special to God, to me, to others in your life and to anyone who can see your inner beauty; those who take time to see it and you for who you are.

From today, let’s make it a promise to ourselves that we will love ourselves and embrace who we are and who God made us. Be happy, be healthy, be at peace within and may God bless you all xx

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  1. Thank you Lorraine, I think we all have to be reminded of this!

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