Mediums, Mystics, Visionaries and God

Fake man-made certificate waving mediums, false visionaries with their claims of seeing Jesus and/or ‘Mary’ with no basis except generalities anyone could and do say, all things that pander to mankind’s lust for magic, miracles and the supernatural are seen today in abundance and is everything the majority want. It’s what money-making vultures give to the gullible who are ready to believe anything but truth. 

The reason people love all the above and profess to believe in it is because none of the above challenges them or asks them to change how they live or behave. Instead, it panders to everything people want to hear rather than what they need to hear. None of the above brings anyone closer to God, helps nourish souls or teaches what true spirituality is or how to achieve it.

No one tests the spirits of the dead or the living which is why false gifts, false visions and false spirituality are all we see everywhere we look. Sadly, even in the Church. All things on offer today as mentioned above are things that make people lose their souls rather than save them, but they are the biggest money spinners and most popular.

People seek to learn about supernatural gifts of God all the time, but if offered teachings about genuine ones, they shun them in favour of false ways that are easy to follow and that they can often pretend to have acquired. True ways are free and set you free, false ones always have to be paid for, earn big money and get people addicted.

Charismatic renewal groups in Christian churches are a mockery, fake mediums the same. Visionaries who offer nothing but generalisations are all everyone wants because they’re dramatic, look overly pious and make their followers feel the same. None of this is about God or His gifts despite claiming to be, but it’s all anyone wants. I don’t do the ever popular drama or fantasy, I do God and He’s a dirty word in todays world. This is why I am stopping updating my blog or Facebook page for the time being. 

I have given many years of my life sharing what heaven has asked me to teach and share with you all so you learn the truth and help save yourselves, but no one bar a few want it. Predictions galore are given in my books that are now years later coming true, but all of it shared to no avail. Nobody wants truth or honesty, they prefer drama, excitement, cheap thrills and whatever makes them feel good while helping them avoid facing reality.

It is, therefore, now time for me to step back and leave you all to your own choices. There is nothing more I can do or say at this stage for anyone. In very recent years, I have lost most of my family, my two sisters amongst their number – the last one in only March this year. We have gone through a lot of sadness in my family and I have also suffered from a lot of badness from certain quarters at the same time. I now have to put my personal life first. At this time, my parents needs must take precedence.

I will leave my books, blog, YouTube videos and Facebook page where they are, so that if any of you ever decide to read the warnings and teachings heaven wants you to hear, it is all still there for you. God gave us the gift of free will, so it is your choice whether you want to know what heaven shared or not. I have done everything I can to try and get people to read or listen to God’s words, to change their ways, to come back to Him, to unite, live with love not hate, think about the ways they live, how to save their souls and also help our planet, but I can only do so much. The rest is up to you.

I can only share, teach and guide. Then, it is up to each individual to decide if they want to continue to follow the false ways as listed above, or if they want to follow God and read the books with words given from heaven in order to do as He asks of us all. That choice has to be yours as individuals. Sadly, the majority shun God in favour of the many false prophets Christ warned us about. I can do no more for now.

If and when life changes and God decides my work is to continue again, I will do it happily and willingly. For now, enough has been done and shared over many years. It’s up to everyone reading this to decide what they want, which path they’ll walk. Whether to at long last read and share with others the words, teachings and predictions heaven gave us, or continue to ignore them.

For now my work is done. Whether it will continue at some point is up to God to decide, but it’s time for me to step back and look after my parents in their time of need.

Thank you to my very loyal supporters who have followed me for many years, bought my books, shared God’s words within them, shared my blog posts and tried to help others hear what it is God wants us all to know.

I wish you well, will keep you in my prayers every day and hope you will keep me in yours. With love,

Lorraine x

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2 responses to “Mediums, Mystics, Visionaries and God

  1. chrissie powis

    As always..respect your views, value your friendship and keep you forever in my thoughts. You can only point out the obvious, it is up to the mindset of the populace to actually sit back and evaluate. You have given them a heavy nudge and that is all that you can do. Now take of yourself and family.

  2. Christine Nevin

    God bless you Lorraine x

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