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By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them

How well do you know people who are preaching spiritual words and works and just how genuine are they? You see, not all people preaching words from the Scriptures or making up their own silken smooth words for their followers to think they are pure of heart really are pure of heart at all. Nor are they actually working for God and goodness, but more for their own glorification and to elevate themselves in the eyes of others. They are often working for themselves and their own popularity, but do it in such a way that so many following them are fooled into a false sense of security.

Are you being led into worshipping God or false gods when you follow these people and are you following a true prophet of Christ or a false prophet? If people are on a path that is not of God that is their choice and to be respected, but the ones I talk of here are those who pretend to be men or women of God and who are really only out for themselves. Many don’t recognise what it is they’re doing as they look at the words only and not at the person or their actions. Maybe by thinking of the words in the above title, some might start to look differently and question what their work really is about. Is it just words or do they actually do anything?

If talking of God and Christ offends people calling themselves spiritual or who talk of angels all the time, then their belief system is rather a confused one as angels are either of God or the devil and if you don’t believe in either, where exactly do their angels come from? Is their spirituality based on getting more people for their mediumship demonstrations to glorify themselves and make money from, or is it to get you to think about how you live morally and behave towards others, or to help you grow as a person? The above title is one that is worth thinking about from time to time if you follow those who sound very spiritual in their words – and that includes me. It isn’t words used that matter, it is deeds; what those words are and if they actually have any meaning or teaching in them to help you look inside yourself and question how you live and behave towards others. The results of their work is what we should be looking at.

There are people today I see around me who are very popular and loved for their silken smooth words that appear to be very spiritual and well meaning – but some of these people aren’t as they appear. There is also no obvious reason for their being followed by so many apart from the fact they do ‘readings’ when they do their demonstrations. There is seemingly no other purpose to what they do. People are searching desperately for something good as that is missing so much in today’s world. Is this why so many are often easily taken in by those who speak using terminology they know will draw people to them, thereby deceiving what their true purpose is for doing it? Just being ‘nice’ all the time isn’t actually doing anything though is it? How is it helping you to grow and develop as an individual? Anyone can be nice, but to be a truly good person takes a lot more work than that.

From what I can see, most are building their own popularity and trying to gain as many followers as possible, but without actually teaching them anything or helping them. Most are doing it because they do demonstrations of mediumship and this is what they’re really trying to build their following up for. They speak words of God in ways they make up themselves and yet there is no substance to any of it as they aren’t actually teaching anyone anything about themselves and they aren’t doing it to bring people to God, only to gain more followers for themselves.

The phrase, ‘By their fruits you shall know them’ is really worth thinking about. Take time someday to sit back and ponder on those few words. How many people do you know who use softly spoken words of a very spiritual nature? Where are they taking you with them and why are they actually saying them? Does it make you feel warm, cosy and comforted? If the answer is ‘yes’ then they aren’t helping you. In order to grow, we need to sometimes be made uncomfortable about ourselves and who we are. We need to be made to look inside ourselves and see our faults and do something about them. None of us is nice or good all the time and we all have faults. It is these we need to look at and work on.

A true teacher and spiritual advisor would be doing that. Is what they say or do making you re-think your life, your actions and what the meaning of life is about? Is it making you question how you treat others or about life after this world, or is it just making you feel the person saying them is a good and nice person so you’ll follow them? Remember, ‘by their fruits…’

Unless what they say serves a purpose for good, then their words are empty and meaningless. Unless they make people re-think their actions and behaviour, then they might as well not have spoken. Are these people even giving themselves titles that sound rather grand in order to make themselves seem even more spiritual than they actually are? Light workers, Angels of Light and anything else similar are all done to make themselves sound more spiritual and for no other purpose. If someone is doing good works, they don’t need to say they are earth angels or light workers, their deeds should speak for themselves.

So many today say wondrous and very spiritual things they often pretend are given to them, yet are worded by themselves to deceive you into thinking they are inspired by God or the spirit world. Most of them also say you can do as you please as there are no bad people in the world and we can all do as we choose to do because God loves all people. Well actually, part of that is right. God does love all He created, but that doesn’t mean He likes everyone and what they say or do. If we were all so perfect, why did He send His only Son to save us all? If you don’t believe in Him or His Son, how come you believe in angels?

If they use the word angel in everything they say (or even in their own names) then they should be bringing you to God not to just themselves. If they aren’t, they shouldn’t be deceiving by saying things that actually have no substance or worth just to make you be drawn into their webs of self glorification. Is their work about glorifying themselves and bringing more people just to them, so they can eventually have more crowds to make more money and appear so popular? Or is it about glorifying who it is we should truly be glorifying – are they also bringing bigger numbers back to God?

There is nothing wrong with people having a huge following or in making money to live by, but it should be for the right reasons and sadly, most today aren’t.

If your path is one that is not of God then that is your choice and to be respected. Whoever is professing to be a spiritual leader or advisor should be doing it to help you – not themselves. If they are not of God, the same rules apply. It should be all about you and helping you as a person understand more about who you are and how you behave in this world to all in it. If others use God’s name or not in their words doesn’t matter, the intent and purpose in what they say is though.  Much is done today just to swell numbers and make money for themselves and is something  we are now seeing far too often. I pray one day, people will open their eyes to these deceivers and see them for what they really are.

Words said to spiritually guide, will sometimes make you uncomfortable about who you are.  If they only make you feel good and don’t make you question yourself so you try to improve who you are, then they aren’t true spiritual words spoken by those working for you or God, they are spoken by those working for themselves.

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Mediums Do Not Prove Life After Death

On my blog stats. this morning I saw someone had put into a search engine about mediums proving there is life after death. Mediums cannot and do not prove any such thing despite how much they might say they do. I believe there is life after death because God tells us there is and I trust in all He says and does. I am a medium who believes I connect with those in the spirit world that He created to help guide us on our spiritual path and journey. I also believe that at times, I am able to ‘feel’ and receive information about those who have died and can ‘feel’ them next to me, but does any of that prove it?

No matter how much I see, hear, feel or any other thing connected to the work a medium does, none of it proves a thing. If it did, then there would be no doubt left in anyone’s mind that the afterlife exists. All the media, sceptics and scientists would accept it was a fact, but they don’t and this shows nothing at all has been proved. If anyone makes a claim it has to be substantiated and claims of proof of life after death cannot be substantiated so they should stop claiming it. Proof means taking away all doubt because evidence that cannot be disputed has been given. All a medium does is prove they get information from somewhere – full stop.

The people making these wild claims are usually the ones forcing mediumship and not born with the ability naturally. Who give no credit to God for gifts received and who don’t believe in Jesus or anything but what they are able to do – usually taking credit for themselves and man made lessons. I have never heard a natural born medium make such wild claims and say they have proved anything of the sort. We know there are mysteries of life that should be left alone and not delved into. We also know that it is not us making anything happen as it happens when God decides not us.

There is no one of this world who will ever be able to prove there is life after death. They can spend all the money the world has on as many tests as they like, but they will never be able to prove a thing. Likewise, they will never be able to prove there isn’t life after death either. This is why mediumship should be treated with respect, humility and some dignity and not in the way we so often see today. It is something mysterious that God blesses some people with in order to help others quietly and privately when He sees fit and not when they decide by trying to ‘call up’ spirits, which we are told not to do in the Bible.

Please, think about these things and stop believing all the man made hype and wild claims. Remember God’s words, ‘Many are called, but few are chosen’. Yes, He uses the words chosen and it may not refer to mediumship, but it refers to those who He calls to Him, which is us all. Sadly, many reject Him and think they can do everything without Him and many mediums are guilty of this as they refuse to acknowledge Him. Too many today are trying to play at being God and by saying they have proved there is life after death they insult God and His teachings – and they insult man’s intelligence. If you hear anyone make the claim they have proved life after death – run a mile as it means they have delusions of their own grandeur and abilitites.

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