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When God answers an individual prayer for help, He often helps not just the one praying, but many thousands of others at the same time. This is a way He often works that goes most unrecognised. For those prepared to look, the evidence of this is there to find. Let me give you an example.

Back in 1991, I was in a place that wasn’t very pleasant in my life. I prayed to God for help and to show me a way forward. It wasn’t an ordinary prayer as we say each day, this was one borne of desperation and came from deep within the heart. Within a week, He had answered me.

I never talk of my personal life, but today I shall. I was in a deep depression and unable to go out or even speak to friends due to having such bad nerves.  My confidence in me as a person was at an all time low and was basically non existent. Within a week of my prayer, I was appearing on television, giving radio interviews and on the front page of newspapers.

From having nervous twitches speaking with those I knew well, here I was now speaking to strangers every day and leading a charity that sprang up overnight to grow into the largest in the country for a period of three months. I even went on to meet Princess Diana and Prince Charles – once at Buckingham Palace!

Something heard on television had made me make a telephone call – something I never did at that time of my life. From that call another was made until I ended with speaking to someone on a radio programme. I had asked him to announce something for me, and instead, he put me live on air.

The early days of that period being in the news can see me still very nervous. One interview sees me slouched on a sofa with my head resting on my hand looking very slovenly, rude and disinterested. The truth is, I was holding my head still to stop it twitching. It was the only way I could speak to the interviewer.

Anyway, the reason for telling you this is to show how by God helping me and answering my prayer, He also helped many thousands of starving people in Kurdistan at the same time. I started with parcels for the Gulf war and that then turned into British Aid for The Kurds, which was the largest charity to help the Kurds at the time.

How could someone with no confidence, nerves in shreds and in a deep depression manage to achieve such things without Divine Intervention? So believe in your prayer and know God is listening. Watch how He answers you and how maybe He is helping many more at the same time.

God might well work in mysterious ways, but His deeds and works are by far the greatest and the most rewarding for everyone if only they would place their trust in Him. He always answers us, but not always in the ways we ask or would want of Him.

He sees the greater picture of the whole of our life and those around us, we see only the small piece that is the present moment in time. Trust in God at all times and when you pray, know that He will answer you. Whatever way He decides to do so will be right for you and those connected to you even if it doesn’t appear to be so at the time.

Trust in God and all will be well. Yes, times are hard and we all have to suffer at some point, or even at many points in our lives. Those we love, we often have to watch suffer while we are unable to do  thing. It might seem unfair so many times, but only because we don’t understand why it is happening.

It is by retaining trust that God knows what He’s doing that gives us hope. It is by having hope and trust we can keep our faith strong. By having all these things and living our life for God, just as He does for us, we will be given peace in our hearts and comfort when we need it most.

One day, if we love and serve Him as best we can, trusting in all that happens in our life is for our eventual good, we will come to share in His heavenly kingdom. It is then that all will become clear to us why so much had to be suffered and gone through. Till that day, we are asked to trust in Him and trust in Him I do.

The result of my prayer that day was huge. Not all are as big, but unless we pray how do we know which will and won’t be? Our prayers for the world can have the same results as my simple prayer did that day – even if we might not be so actively involved in that prayer being answered. This is why Our Blessed Lady asks us to pray without ceasing for the world. We might not know how, or when our prayers are or will be answered, but have faith and be assured they will be.

* * * * * * * * * *

In case anyone is interested, below is the story of how God answered my prayer and what He did for so many people. Some think it is a story I’ve done to gain credit for myself. It isn’t, but their spite doesn’t bother me. It is a story done to put the truth out there and to give credit to God and to some pretty spectacular human beings who were denied it at the time. It is hoped by reading it, people will see this is not the work of a human being, this HAS to be the work of Divine Intervention.

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