Christian Church Dying


The Church of England is wondering why an advertisement asking people to pray is being banned from cinema’s. They need to ask why? I’ll tell them. It’s because God has become a dirty word in our Satan infested world and the Church of England is as guilty as other religious leaders who sat back and slept while it happened.

They did nothing to stop it from happening, because their love for God isn’t as strong as it needs to be to fight for Him. Instead, they are too busy fighting in house and for supremacy against other denominations.

They slept while the world became more demanding with greed, wants and materialism. While a small band of women who fight to reign over everything came in and took hold. Where is the courage of religious leaders, where is their love and passion that’s meant to be driving them to defend God in all they do? If it wasn’t for nuns praying without ceasing, the church would be even worse than it is now.

Vicars and priests are meant to have devoted their lives to serving God. They say they had a vocation to serve Him and yet they are letting Him down badly and have been for far too long now. How can any church leader who has seen their religion and faith crushed underfoot and swallowed up by the greed, materialism and sheer apathy of mankind, now feign surprise at the result of their neglect?

They are meant to be in charge of God’s church and in bringing people to Him, but they show they aren’t. How can we be surprised by anything a church does that walked away from teachings God gave us? Who decided to break His words and their meaning down only to make their own  up as they went along? A church who decided God placing one man as the head of His entire church was not for them?

How can anyone rebelling against the whole of God’s teachings be surprised when everyone else does the same and mocks them too? A church who mocks Jesus by appointing women in positions they are not meant to be in and who ignores the position of his Blessed Mother as He asks of us? Where is their example to others of how to obey God when they don’t themselves?

They are not the only church to do this, all other Protestant denominations have been guilty of watering down God’s laws and teachings more and more in favour of adding their own. Each time one broke away from the main body of the church  in its entirety, they were as guilty as those who had Him crucified. They too are denying Him, and as such, have lost Him most of His churches, new vocations and followers.

They play at obeying God, at doing His will and serving Him, but only on their own terms and in ways they like. That is not serving God, that is serving man and his own egotistical whims. The Catholic church also adds their own laws too, but at least they don’t water down what God wanted to be Universal and as one.

The word Catholic means universal. God’s church was to be as one and not broken up into pieces with huge gaps in between such as we see now. Jesus said “thou art Peter and on this rock I will build my church” This rock – singular. My church – singular. We have a Pope – a wonderful Pope and he is meant to be the head of the whole Christian church, not just one part.

No one professing to love and serve God dare show surprise at the fact this world has become anti-Christ, because they have encouraged it. They have encouraged it by sitting back fighting amongst themselves about women priests and bishops, gay priests and bishops and gay marriage in churches while neglecting the real duties they professed to obey – namely serving God!

If they were to concentrate on all God’s laws as He asks of us, they wouldn’t need to have in-house fighting. There wouldn’t be so many denominations professing to still be Christian when there is so much of what they do and don’t do that says they aren’t true Christians any more at all.

Power struggles for supremacy and one-upmanship have become far more important to all Christian churches than praising and serving God. Women becoming aggressive with their feminist ways and demanding they do  jobs Jesus appointed men to do instead of the ones laid out for them.

They want to be priests instead of nuns. They just want to dominate over everything in the world and the church was the last place for them to push in and dominate. Weak men in those watered down churches have allowed them to do just that. Satan is laughing his socks off watching all he planned come to fruition.

Prayer is not enough for some women. Being servile is not for them, even though it’s what God asks of us all. Remember, he who exalts himself shall be humbled. Well, there are a lot of women in the Protestant church who need to remember that.

Women want to be top dog and in control. The saddest things is watching the men of God being weak enough to allow themselves to be bullied and pushed out for a bunch of feminists to move in.

When feminism reared its ugly head many years back, I said this would happen and warned people, but I was laughed at. Women tried back then to push into everything that was seen as a man’s domain and managed it by bullying. I said the only place left for them to conquer was the church and boy have they done it.

Feminism is totally different to equality of the sexes and the church slept on its laurels why they went into battle and took over the Protestant churches. The Catholic church I’m glad to say still stands firm and strong on this stance. The reason it does, is because they are still doing all God asks of them and are not playing at being God as all the others are doing.

The break off churches are so busy making up their own laws as though they were God, that their churches are not serving Him any more, they are serving the whims of the people. They should be all under one umbrella following only God’s laws and teachings as Jesus showed us. Instead, they are guilty of breaking it up and distorting His words.

Is anyone surprised the church is in the state it is? Is anyone surprised God is a dirty word in today’s world? I’m not and many others like me aren’t either. It is time to put ego’s away. Fight back against women who are bringing down the church instead of building it up. The modernists who have changed it beyond  anything much of God any more and into ways of man instead.

For proof this is what’s happening, look how many good men have left the protestant church now due to all befalling it. Look as yet another schism is happening in the church that these women and weak priests and bishops have caused. Is this God’s work or Satan’s?

All churches, whether Protestant or Catholic are guilty of adding their own laws and of power struggles for supremacy within their own quarters. Power struggles in religion should be used only to glorify God and build His church. They shouldn’t be used to build one’s own self and position within it or to split the church from being a whole.

There is a mighty battle raging in todays world as Satan has had free reign just as we were warned he would. What no one realised was that God’s own church would be guilty of allowing him to infiltrate and take over what rightfully belongs to God too. Yet this is just what has happened and has been for a long long time now.

Well it has to stop and it will only do so when the church becomes as one again and when those meant to lead do so – and properly. It is time we saw strength, courage, determination, passion and a love to serve God rather than serving man and more especially serving feminist whims.

The church is in a state of decline and we are to see a death of religion in this world before it can be resurrected as a new and stronger one. The new one is to be the Universal Church Jesus founded and taught us about and not the one it has become today.

It will become stronger and it will become bigger, but not until those who are destroying it have been fought against and defeated. To win a battle, one has to fight hard and want to win it. At the moment, the Protestant churches aren’t even aware they are in battle – or who with.

Until those who profess to want to serve God open their eyes to the truth, they are going to destroy Christianity in ways they have already been doing for so long now. Instead of listening to only what has been passed down by those who initially broke away from God’s Universal church, they need to listen to God.

Seek within. Stop and think for a moment about the parts of God’s teachings you are denying and ask yourself why you are. Is it because man told you to, or is it because God did? Ask God for answers and stop listening to man’s watered down versions.

What we are asked to believe in its entirety is huge and unfathomable, because it is of mysteries we are able to know nothing while of this world. It is for this reason we can see who is strong and has real faith, and who is weak and can only accept what his mind as a human can. Who follows all God tells and asks of us and who chooses not to?

No matter what your belief, if you truly love God, then it is time to serve Him and Him alone and stop listening to man who is taking you away from Him more and more each day. Serve God, not man. Obey God laws, not man’s. Believe all as taught us in the Holy Bible and not just the bits you like.

People say tradition is not wanted and modern ways are. They show how full their own modern churches have become, yet they fail to show how many others they have forced to close in the meantime. Facts speak far louder than any words and empty and closed down churches and so few vocations says it all.

Until we stop fighting against each other and keep as separate as the churches now are, we will continue to see Satan win. Good will always win over bad in the end, but in the meantime, God is being able to sit back and watch exactly who are His faithful and who only profess to be. Who will stand up and fight for Him and defend Him and who will fight only for their own rights. Which are you?

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