World Peace

The World Today

How is the World Today
It’s sad to see the change

For our children aren’t safe anywhere anymore
There’s murder and mayhem and worldwide wars
Kidnapping, mugging and road rage too
What in the world have we all come to?

How bad is the world today
So different from long times past

For our doors are all bolted, windows are locked
Not safe in our beds, it’s time to take stock
There are burglars, vandals, homelessness too
We’re even too nervous to watch all the news

.How sad is the world today
For we brought it upon ourselves

How did we get in this terrible state
And can it now change, or is it too late
Scared to go out and scared staying in
What a terrible world we’re all living in.

How poor is the world today
So full of everyone’s greed

For it’s this that has made us what we all are
We’re all just as guilty – you needn’t look far
To see what has given us our terrible lives
For we’re selfish and greedy and so full of strife.

The world could be rich today
If all of us changed our ways

And were contented and happy without needing wealth
And looked out for others forgetting ourselves
To be kind and thoughtful to man and to beast
Is all it would take to bring us world peace.

copyright © 1997 Lorraine Holloway-White

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