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Is Medjugorje of God? No, I don’t for one moment think it is. I think this is one of the biggest deceptions of our time and always have since first hearing of it. Something inside immediately said not to trust it. I never ignore my gut instinct, for by doing so is when I have made my mistakes and error in judgement.
I could be very wrong in what I feel and am about to say, but cannot sit and say nothing if it might help save some souls by making them think hard about what they now read…

LOTS CUT OUT HERE – it then continues

…My reasons for believing this to be the biggest deception of recent times is due to the fact they claim to have seen Our Lady for approximately thirty-five years. Not once in all that time has there been a prediction made than can be proven to have come true, nor anything else happen that could show it to be of heaven.
Many messages have allegedly been given, but the same thing every day with talk of being thrown on their knees and into thorn bushes yet receiving no cuts or bruises. “Jakov was thrown kneeling into a thorny bush, and I thought he would be injured. But he came out of it without a scratch”. 

Our Lady wouldn’t throw anyone to their knees in such a way, nor would she throw them into a thorn bush. That isn’t how it happens. Nor do you have to go seeking as they did to see if she would come again when she has not asked that you do so as she did with Bernadette or the children of Fatima.
They also say, “No one said anything, but everyone was frightened.” This too sounds very strange as nothing of heaven would make you feel frightened. “All the visionaries were weeping upon coming down from the hill. They were both moved and frightened by their experience.”

Instead, even when in awe, a feeling of such love, such peace and such calm as never known before comes over you. Afterwards, you are left with a feeling words cannot describe or do it justice. It is as far removed from fear as it can be.
In all my experiences with people worldwide claiming to have visions or visits from the spirit realms, those who feel fear or uncomfortable in any way are always proven to have had dealings with spirits of Satan who deceive.
With Bernadette there was no fear or dramas; there was shown to be a reason and a miracle performed. When in ecstasy she didn’t behave in strange ways or make claims of anything being done to her.

Look at what is said in Medjugorje. When asked how did she know it was the Madonna, Mirjana replied, “My whole being knew without a doubt that this Lady of unexplainable beauty was the Mother of God. That is why I had such fear.”
Fear? Why would anyone seeing such beauty, having such a wondrous experience feel fear? They wouldn’t. They would feel awe; they would wonder why they had been allowed such a wondrous thing happen to them. They would feel totally unworthy, they would feel very emotional and be in tears maybe, but tears of awe, or joy, of wonder. Not one person having a genuine vision of anything coming from heaven would feel fear.
There is your first warning and it should have been …

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