Year of Change

Easter is over, I am back from my break away and although my health is still not right, it is time to get back to work. Never was there a better time than Easter – the time of the year for new beginnings. Much is seen to be happening worldwide with so much confusion amongst the people.

We need to get those who believe in Him back to God, understanding  what spiritual gifts are about and how so many in today’s world are being misled. They’re being misled by the power hungry, fame hungry and those more confused than anyone they’re trying to guide – for money of course.

Two new books are presently underway and not far from being finished. It is high time I got on with them and am looking forward very much to seeing the finished products up and ready for publication.

It is a time to bring goodness back into the world, into the churches and to make people realise there is goodness in far more places than just religion. This is the year to start moving forwards and make people sit up and take notice of all that is good.

There is much badness out there today, but there is far more goodness if everyone was to look for it and join forces with each other once found. We can make a difference and this year, let’s make sure we do. Onwards and upwards as they say. Here’s to a year of change, change to bring goodness back into our world and to the forefront again.

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