Christian Unity

Those who follow my blog know I often talk about Christian unity – or should I say, Christian divide? How many people within those churches that all fight against each other’s teachings on this subject bother to question why they are all so different?

How many people question or test anything anymore? From what I tend to see in all my years of work – no one. Everyone accepts all they are told blindly. The only ones who do question, are those who are rebelling and demanding changes to fit in with their own lives and wants.

It is rebellion and constant liberal demands that has caused God’s laws to be changed to suit them; brought about such a divide in Christianity. Yet none cares  to accept this is the case.

One has to ask then, how deep and steadfast is their love for God in reality? If they are not prepared to look deep within themselves, nor question why those teachings are often so very different from what Jesus asked of us, one has to ask why not?

I am a Catholic and yet I question church teachings and try to recognise which are God’s laws and which are the ones man added and made up himself. Then I ask why they have done that. Some I agree with, other things I don’t.  They take out bits they don’t want us to know about rather than teach and educate us about them.

How can churches that profess to follow one faith all be so different? How can they not all believe in the same things Jesus taught us? Why have so few of their fold not even bothered to question those points?

As a Christian and follower of Christ, it is our duty to question, to seek and look deeper. Not just within Gods teachings, but also deep within ourselves. We are to seek and we shall find, to knock and the door will be opened to us. How can the door be opened unless prepared to keep knocking? How can we find unless prepared to continually seek?

I have done this for many years as you know and try to encourage others to do the same. I talk of things to make them think and many do, but many others attack due to not liking what they hear. They don’t like, because they are too scared to look too deeply at what it is they’re following and saying. Too scared to look deep into their own hearts and the church teachings in case they have to question and think for themselves.

The church is there for us to have as a place to go in order for those priests and vicars to guide and teach us. To look after our souls and help teach us how we can nourish them. What if they are guiding us in the wrong ways though? It is our duty to check, to seek, to question and yet so few do.

Priests and vicars are human. They don’t get everything right. There are good ones and there are frankly, quite dreadful ones. There are power struggles and fights for supremacy within churches more than anyone cares to realise.

There are ego’s abounding there that take from the work they should be doing, as their main concern is to further their own glorification within the church rather than God’s.

Religion is wonderful if used and following God’s laws and teachings properly. Once that is deviated from is when we see problems. No one can deny how many problems the church has today and it is high time every person professing to be a Christian asked why that is.


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