Supernatural Gifts of God


One thing the church neglects very badly is the supernatural gifts of God. They teach us about the saints and how some had such gifts and used them. They seem to accept Padre Pio could bi-locate, tell what was ahead of people, what was in their past and that he had a gift of healing. But they don’t accept lay people might have the same gifts given to them for good reason.

It isn’t just the saints who were priests or from religious orders who have such gifts, some lay people have them also. Many of the saints weren’t anything to do with the church. What do we do with them though and how are they to be used? I seem to have them and allow myself to only be guided by God in how they are to be used and when. That wasn’t always the case though – not totally. Many who have followed me from the start will have seen how what I said changed in part as I allowed myself to be guided by heaven.

Unfortunately, like many in today’s modern world of entertainment mediums who use it for money making doing readings and for entertainment, I too was told by them this is how my gifts had to be used. I knew it wasn’t and taught others it wasn’t to be, but I did think they might be right with doing readings. I knew very quickly that wasn’t so.

Listening to my gut at all times and praying to God for guidance, I kept feeling that was totally wrong and not what such wondrous gifts were for. In that case, what were they for then and what was I to do? No priest or church would help me, because like many of you with such gifts, I didn’t tell a priest I had God speaking to me or Our Lady.

Use those magic words and a priest is more likely to believe you – whether such claims are true or not and many aren’t. Say you have things happen you don’t understand and ask for their guidance and you’re told it is from the devil and they push you away with no more discussion allowed.

This is why the huge problem of false gifts, false spirituality and deceiving spirits has happened. The only ones willing to talk about it, are those with false gifts and ways of using them. This total neglect of guiding people against the likes of spiritualism and explaining why is a huge error on the part of the churches. It is no good just telling people it is wrong and not teaching why, they have to do it properly.

Most people thinking they have such gifts haven’t, not as they think they have. They need to be shown what is happening and have someone teach them, answer all their questions and help them understand and discern.

This is what I want to do – amongst other matters. I have been doing it for years, but it needs to reach far more people than I can at the moment doing it just on a blog, books and Skype calls. People prefer to spread the work of those who teach the false ways rather than those coming from God. That is more acceptable and likely to be taken more seriously. How sad is that?

Every church needs to have someone who has the gifts to help teach others and guide them. It is pointless this being done by people who haven’t a clue. If you haven’t had anything, how can you possibly understand it in order to explain what is happening and how?

For now, I have to keep doing it the only way available to me, but am told this will change when the time is right. I am hoping it is soon, but for now, be careful. Stop believing all you hear about such matters just because they use God’s name. If they encourage you to do readings, demonstrations or earn money from it, it is not of God. If they encourage you to go to such things, it is not of God.

God will guide you if you allow Him to. God and spirits from Him who are allowed to come and guide us are the only ones we should be listening to about how the gifts should be used. If they aren’t making you look at your own behaviour with a need to improve, or bringing you closer to God, they aren’t from Him.

I teach and guide people, but I cannot tell them how to use their gifts, as I’m not sure what God has planned for them. They also have free will and can decide whether to use them for God or for making money and working against Him. All I can say is how not to use them and help teach how to listen to God’s guidance.

This is a subject long neglected and it is time we all started to recognise what is seen on televisions, in magazines, newspapers, halls and theatres worldwide is not the supernatural gifts of God, but something very different that is nothing to do with Him.

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