Are Mediums Real?

Are Mediums Real?



All most people know of today are the teachings within spiritualism that offers forced mediumship and healing without Jesus or Christianity. Spiritualism has only been around for just over 100 years, but real mediums existed since time began.

What are the differences in the Supernatural Gifts of God  and those borne of spiritualist teachings? How do people born with the gifts develop without classes?

Demonstrations, readings or entertainment style done for money is all people tend to know of. How should the gifts be used if not in the ways just mentioned?
What about natural gifts used for God’s glory and healing within the Orthodox Churches?

Real or fake, natural or forced – the light and dark sides of both are discussed.
Find out why, in Lorraine’s eyes, spiritualism is likened to the Antichrist.

“…This is where the devil is clever and is how he ensnares so many without them even being aware he has done so. He works in the pale greyness of the dark side, as much as he does the deep blackness. In fact, grey is his favourite colour, as it is the one where most people are trapped…”

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