Charismatic Renewal and Spiritualism

We all know spiritualists tell everyone they can become mediums and connect with anything they think is a dead person come back to pass messages, They sit in circles, have meetings, services and classes for this very purpose. So why have I connected something so abhorrent to God with Charismatic Renewal services often seen in Orthodox Churches?

I’ll tell you why, because they are no different to each other in many ways. Both are based on drama and effect done to draw in the crowds and make them think they are doing something they aren’t. Both are taught by, and partaken of, by  those who have a need for being seen to be different and who haven’t a clue what true gifts are or how they happen.

The strange practice of pushing people down till they fall and saying they have been Baptised in the Spirit is horrendous and offensive in the extreme. What these people teaching such stuff mean by this practice is beyond me. Churches allowing it when so closed about genuine gifts defeats me even more.

If one has been baptised, they have no need for further baptism of any sort. If they are meant to have contact with any heavenly being, God will decide that, not some charismatic group set up to pretend they are doing things they aren’t.

There is a nonsense in these classes and groups of false speaking in tongues where they stand together and make strange noises sounding like aliens. It is sad and disgraceful. It is a mockery of all that is God and His supernatural Gifts bestowed on those of His choosing. The fact they believe this to be speaking in tongues shows they have no understanding of what that even means.

Spiritualists and those running charismatic renewal groups do the same as each other. They both teach that anyone can learn to make contact with a world other than our own and acquire gifts they haven’t already got. Gifts only God can give.

Spiritualism is one thing we all know was made of man and based on lies, but for the Orthodox Christian Churches to allow such things and pretend it is of God defies belief. They ignore people asking for help who really are gifted and in need of guidance, but they allow this false nonsense and condone it.

Speaking in tongues is when one can talk in (or understand) a foreign language not of their knowledge or normal ability. It is never to be done in church unless another is there able to interpret the messages those words bring. This fact is ignored by all of them trying to talk like babies in gaga language of nothingness. Noises no one can understand, because they are nothing and mean nothing.


Both practices of such false ways should be stopped. Both deceive the public and lure them into false security of being involved in something that is of good and for their good. Neither of these ways is good in any sense, certainly doesn’t bring anyone to God and is never anything from Him or connected to Him or heaven.

Until the Church learns about such matters, they need to stop encouraging all that is wrong and start learning how they can help and guide those who actually are gifted. People who can help in bringing people to God without any need for drama, magic or rituals such as the Charismatic services offer.

They’d do well to learn from people such as Padre Pio what true gifts are and ask how they can learn and teach others about such things. Instead, they hid him away from the world then made him a saint after his death. What a waste of knowledge and wisdom they could have embraced and learnt from.

Now, we are in a world filled with people all thinking they are mediums and can speak to the dead when they can’t. People using such things for making money from the gullible and brainwashed. Charismatic gifts done as they are now are no more real than the ones seen in circles and seance’s.

Even if none of you have experienced such things for yourself – real or imagined, it is easy to learn if it is real or not. Read about the saints. See how they worked and used their gifts and you’ll see none of it as anything like you see being promoted everywhere you look today.

Use common sense, pray for God to guide you and don’t believe all you see, hear or read about as being true about such matters – for most often, it isn’t. That is a sad thing to say about Christian Churches too, but after all, religion is man made just as much as spiritualism is. It is based on many of man’s laws and not just God’s.

You’d do well to remember that and use your discernment when such things as this are on offer. Who is teaching it and what natural genuine supernatural gifts do they posses themselves? What gives them the authority to teach about such matters if they have never experienced them? Just two questions, but two everyone should be asking, but never does.

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