You Are God’s Church

Despite having been ill for months now, I tried to keep busy in the only way I was able at the time – writing.  My latest book is coming along very well and is already at over 50,000 words, so shouldn’t be too much longer till it is finished. Here is a brief excerpt to show you what it’s about.

Chapter 1

Two thousand years ago, Jesus stood with Peter and said, “You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it” (Matt. 16:18).

Jesus may well have said that to one man and intimated that through Peter, God’s church would be built, but what is that Church? Nowhere did God say it would be made up of different buildings, various religions or only those ways of serving and loving Him.

Man has made it that way though and this is why we have a problem with division of God’s Church rather than unity. For in unity lies strength and in division lies only weakness; a weakness that allows badness to creep in and take over. Hence hell has been able to creep forward and prevail. It is this growth we need to stop – and can to a certain extent.

Christianity is good, all religion is good, but it is man made, not made of God, the self righteous who divide and discriminate against others need to remember that.

Badness is being seen far more within religion now than the goodness, tolerance and love God stands for and is all about. People within religions forget that goodness can be seen outside of religion just as badness can be seen within it. The pomposity and judgmental attitude of others not belonging to one’s own faith is what is driving more people from God than to Him.

There may well be many different religions and even different denominations within those religions, but they don’t make up God’s Church as a whole – you do, the people of this world. It doesn’t matter what colour, size, shape, religion you do or don’t belong to or what sex you are.

It isn’t about what belief you do or don’t have, what language you speak or how you choose to live your life. Every single one of the people in this world is what makes up God’s Church. We are His people and He loves us, even those who don’t love or choose to know Him.

If you already know of me, you’ll be aware I get given words that appear to be predictions and prophecies for our future… continued

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