Book Written Backwards

This coming week is a quieter one for me and so it is hoped I can get around to finishing writing You Are God’s Church. The strange thing about this book is the way it’s being written. I’ve never heard of anyone else writing in such a way and have no idea why I am, but, it’s being written backwards.

What I posted on this blog as being chapter one, is now about chapter six. I added one more chapter and it had to go in front of that one. Then others followed and they all had to go in front of each other. Then this morning, one more followed and that too ended up becoming the new chapter one.

It is the strangest way I have ever written in my life and wonder if anyone else has done the same. Anyway, the point is, it is about to be finished and then will just need editing and proof reading before being published. Not long to wait now, but with being done backwards, it’ll be interesting for me to see if it’s worked and reads properly once I get around to doing the editing.

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  1. Thank you Ann, that is so kind. I’m glad to say all seems to be back on track now apart from one thing they discovered that’s now being sorted and will take time. All in all though, energy levels back up and looking good on the health front again. Thanks so much for your kind thoughts and concern xx

  2. Ann Tennyson

    Dear Lorraine, I hope and pray that you will soon be healthy. Good luck with the book. Take care, Ann

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