Prophetic Books

Three of these books are filled with prophecies and predictions, which are already being seen to come true. Are they the most accurate today? Most believe generalities that don’t give detail, but these do and says how man is the cause of much that is happening.

People today don’t like the truth. They prefer those who pander to them and how they want to live. Most aren’t ready to hear they need to change their lives, but for those who are ready, these books have become a ‘must read’.

They are being talked about due to their accuracy. So much predicted has already been seen to happen and we’re in the midst of the disasters we were told would get bigger and bigger and closer together.

Having seen how accurate so much has already been, makes the predictions and prophecies of what’s yet to come something none of us can ignore.

If anyone is interested in reading the first chapters free or in buying them, here are the links



and where they can be bought as e-books or paperbacks (two pages at Lulu)

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