Predictions – Excerpts from Book


The predictions and prophecies within this book are already proving to be shown as very accurate. Ignore it if you will, but if so much has already been seen t have occurred, what does it mean for all of us with those yet to happen?


Chapter 8 

…Horror upon horror is to befall your people in many different parts of the world. They are to be great in magnitude and are to happen more and more as people ignore what we warn them of.
The more our words are ignored, the more they will bring disasters upon the world. Some of these are to be catastrophes brought about by mankind, but are to be allowed to happen for you to realise where you go wrong.
Too many people of your world are full of greed and this is also the leaders of the countries in the world we speak of now and not just the people they lead.      They are to suffer at the hands of others, as they lead you all further and further into destruction as their greed sees no end and becomes mightier and mightier.
How the great will fall and others will take their place to also be thrown aside as we destroy the countries and cities these people rule. Not all will be destroyed totally, but many smaller places will not survive what is to befall their countries.
Think about what we say and do not treat it lightly as foolish thoughts of the one who writes for us, for it will come to pass. It is already befalling some of you as disasters have already been seen in many parts of the world where none were expected to happen in the way they have. More of this will follow and they will become greater and more frequent the more mankind ignores our words...

NB: the above is already being seen to happen and yet people still ignore the truth of it being so

Chapter 10

…Why do so many of your world say they can talk to those now with us in the spirit world? What is the big attraction to them about this? So many are doing it to say loved ones are in touch with them, but this is not true. At times they are given information that is incorrect as they try too hard to do things they should not do.
Why are so many obsessed with wanting to know what is ahead? Do they not know that for many of them the future is not a good one? Do they want…

Chapter 17 

What is religion and where does it have its place in what we do and the world? Is religion necessary for you to eventually come to where we are now or can this world also be for those of no belief?
This is something we know confuses many people as your world has so many different religions and none. What we will tell you of this is as follows…

Chapter 24

… The things that are now killing your people that were not once of this world of yours have been created by those men who search in places and create things man should not be creating.
They are now trying to be God and already they are meddling in God’s affairs as they try to create human life and fiddle with animals and do things that are not for man to do. Does he not realise by doing these things he is heaping more disasters onto …

Chapter 25

…The cruelty to animals by man for his own pleasure or satisfaction in whatever ways that might be, are to be punishable in the extreme in their next life.
You will not want to know how bad that will be for them, but we can assure you these despicable creatures calling themselves human beings will have one of the most severe forms of punishment, as will those who use children for the same reasons…

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