A Life Lesson in Unconditional Love and Humility


This is a photograph of my parents, and although they are nothing to do with this page and my work, they are also everything to do with it. Was it not for them, I might never have known God, respect, generosity, kindness, manners – hopefully humility – and how to love unconditionally.

These are all things – and much more – our parents taught us from the moment we were born. They are also things they would still take us to task on should we ever slip and forget any of those things for one moment.

The 27th September 2016 is my mother’s 90th birthday. My father is 87. How incredible do they look for their ages – and yes, this is a recent photograph? We are so blessed to have both parents with us at our ages and to see them both in such good health.

Thank you mum and dad for everything you have ever given to us, your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We have had the most incredible childhood and upbringing and love that cannot be topped. This has never changed and we know it never will.

My sisters and I love you both so very much – as do the rest of the family – more than we can ever hope to show or tell you. You have been our inspiration and guide for all that is important in life – for this we thank you. Through you, we learnt what matters most and that is kindness to all others and how to give of oneself unconditionally without ever wanting anything in return.

You taught us to love our enemies, despite sometimes despising their behaviour and deeds, while showing us how to forgive and pray for them. We have seen you bring strangers in off the street and feed and clothe them. You even paid for accommodation for them to stay the night and train fares back to their families.

Both of you are the most generous, most humble and giving people I have ever known and God gave me the gift and blessing of having you as my parents. How blessed am I – are all of us? We will be eternally grateful for your example to us of how decent human beings should be and we just hope we never let either of you down.

We are out celebrating tomorrow as a family and so I am posting this a day early. Happy 90th birthday mum. May God’s Blessings and Graces continue to pour down on both you and dad for many more years yet to come. We love you and we thank you, always and forever, Nina, Ann and Lorraine xxxx

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