Angels in a Human Body

They just keep coming. More angels come in a human body, but whose angels are they? Below in italics is yet another person elevating herself to be an angel come in the flesh. She says she’s sent to us all in the world as a human, just so she can do readings and make money off the gullible.

“I am a lightworker and an earth angel which is an angel in a human body. I do readings dear so don’t go saying things you do not understand. Us human angels do readings. There are many, many many of us here on this planet.”

THIS is the sick world of what passes for spiritual work today. This is what so many are replacing God with. People preying on those gullible or desperate enough to think God would actually send His angels to do readings for money!

The only thing she got right is that yes, there are a lot of frauds like her on the planet. But, for each one like her, there are more people on this planet doing good. People doing God’s work for Him by helping others and in helping spread His words without asking penny for doing so.

Not one of these truly good people would call themselves by a silly title to make themselves sound important or something better than others, which is what she and many others are doing. Not one of them would charge money to pass messages and nor would they do readings and demonstrations.

Jesus was the greatest teacher, miracle worker, healer and knower of all things the world has seen, yet not once did He elevate Himself. Not once did He use a grand title. Not once did He even tell people He was able to do all the things He did and more important? Not once did He do readings for money or for free.

Everything about Him was the total opposite of these people you notice? He had humility, they have none. He never needed to elevate Himself as they do, for others did that for Him. He never needed grand titles to be noticed or feel important, He used but a simple name – Jesus. He never charged to help others, He gave of Himself freely – even eventually giving His own life for them.

I am hoping readers will start to notice how very different these self proclaimed and self named light workers are from anything that is good. How Jesus did all He did for humanity and for love, not for Himself. How they only do what they claim to do for money and for their own glorification to be told how wonderful they are.

Jesus never did readings, God never does readings, so what does that tell you about these self proclaimed angels come in human form who do readings all the time? If God’s angels don’t and wouldn’t do readings for money, whose do you think would?

Remember, God has an opposite and that opposite number is a fallen angel who  uses other fallen angels to help him in his work deceiving the world. Their aim is to steal souls from God. Don’t let them win and steal yours. If they are claiming to be angels, but their work is the opposite of all Jesus and God does and stands for, then just whose angels are they?

Discernment is the key and testing spirits of the dead and spirits within the living is tantamount in today’s world now more than ever. Listen carefully and look at the deeds that often belie words spoken. The battle between heaven and hell to win souls in this world started long ago, but is now raging more and more each day and is to become much worse. Whose side are you on and in which army do you belong?

Will you believe the false claims of  self proclaimed light workers, and of others who use elevated names and titles? Or will you be one of the sensible ones using discernment and recognising the lies and the fact all they do goes against God and His teachings on such matters? Take note, she claims to be an angel come in human form. Nowhere did she say she was an angel of God or heaven though.

They are scared, because they know their days are numbered of deceiving people. They’re aware I know far more than they want me to and am not scared of any one of them – Satan included. They also know I am teaching all of you the signs to watch for and they’re scared, very scared.

One thing you’ll also eventually notice, is how the only attack they can ever try to make about me is to mention I charge for my books. They have to try this tactic, because they know I give of all I do free. They hope the same people who believe their lies will fall for this too. If they do, so be it. It really doesn’t worry me.

Sensible people know books cost money to produce. They also know, that as a self published author they cost me even more and that those costs have to be covered. They also know being an author is totally different from being a fake spiritual worker or from even genuine spiritual gifts.

I also write fiction, but that does;t make me any of the characters I write about, so how is writing about spiritual matters the same as using spiritual gifts of God for money? It isn;t, but this who’s how desperate they are to try and discredit, because they’ve been exposed. They will try to discredit, ridicule and tempt – all the things Satan did – or tried to do to Jesus, in order to take the attention off their deceptions.

Nothing is more powerful than God. Nothing is more evil than Satan. Nothing is more honest and giving than God and nothing is more greedy and deceitful as Satan. Take your pick, the choice is yours. Workers of God, or workers of Satan, the clues are easy for those ready to see them.

I said I’d keep publishing such comments and I will. The more people see of such deceivers, the more they might come to recognise them and see them for what they really are.

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