Gift of Giving

This morning, I went to a shop to get a Christmas present for someone and was helped by a wonderful girl. I was on my walking sticks due to my foot problems and could barely walk. She heard what I was asking an assistant for and on hearing the girl say they never had what I was after, interrupted.

She did so, because she had just bought the same item herself and knew where in the shop to find it. So saying, she marched down the shop to where it was and brought back a sample of each different one they had for me to choose from. She, like me, was just an ordinary shopper, but had gone out of her way to help me.

Her hair was a rainbow of colour. Wide stripes of multi coloured dyes that matched her equally as vibrant coat. Her face was kind, her manner bright and cheerful. On thanking her, she informed me she was pregnant and patted her stomach, while adding she thought I had a wonderful aura.

We chatted for a bit before I started trying to make my way back to the car, which thankfully was very close. On the way back, I saw another woman who was sitting on the pavement with her dog hoping to be given money. I stopped to pat her dog and speak with her. She too was such a pleasant woman and her dog, just adorable as she was, kissed me to death. We too enjoyed a pleasant conversation.

Both of these women were being given strange looks by other shoppers for being ‘different’. They stood out as not looking as others thought they should and this one for obviously hoping for handouts. The third was a young man with a very camp manner. He was dressed exquisitely and wearing face foundation, which meant he too was being looked at as though he too was something they weren’t sure of and shouldn’t be there.

Those three people brightened my day. They were kind, open, honest, friendly and non judgemental. They ignored the nasty or disapproving looks being thrown their way from those around them. Rising above such things, they were helpful, gave me time and were so pleasant to speak with and all asked if I needed help. No one else did.

This is how people should be. Kind, open, honest, true to themselves and allowed to be who and what they want to be without being unfairly (and wrong in most cases) judged for it. The big difference in them and many of the people surrounding them, was their pure hearts and lack of judgement. These are the sorts of people I want to be surrounded by.

It doesn’t matter how one is dressed, whether they conform to society’s idea of what is ‘normal’ and what isn’t. What matters is kindness, a smiling face and an open one. A want to help others for nothing in return. Even those suffering themselves with their own worries or hurts often display such warmth and kindness towards others.

These are people I want to be like. These are people I want to be with, listen to, share thoughts with. People we could all learn so much from, because these are people practising true spirituality. People I would love to see the world filled with and you know what? There are lots of them around if we care to look. Not all are dressed as these three, but they are around.

Ignore the badness seen in everyday life far too often now as much as you can. Ignore the dull, miserable, disapproving faces that often surround us. Instead, look for and focus on the open, kind, warm ones as I did today. There are some wonderful people out there and even if they’re more difficult to find these days, it’s amazing who you might meet if only you look.

Smile at strangers and watch how many smile back at you. Brighten someone’s day as these three people brightened mine. Make it your purpose to let your aura of light, kindness and warmth envelop those you walk by, stand next to or speak with. Do it today and on all of your tomorrow’s.

Together, we can make the world a nicer place, just as they made mine a nicer one today. This is the true gift of giving. It isn’t about what money can buy, it is what you can give of yourself to others. This, is what God asks of us, to be as Him and love one another. God was truly present in each of those people without any doubt and He can be in all of us if only we would let Him.

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