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Have you tried my fiction yet?  The books are very different to the rest of my work and on a subject hard to read, but all too prevalent in today’s world. Hartford is  the sequel to It’s in Their Eyes, but is a stand alone book able to be read first. A book idea for Christmas for you or someone you know maybe? Not an easy read due to its background, but books people say they can’t put down.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Heartbreaking but Uplifting
By Jackie Roche
Format: Kindle Edition
I must admit that the subject matter perturbed me as I worked with SEN children and heard some distressing stories of abuse.

However, after the initial chapters, when I felt physically sick, I found I couldn’t put the book down.

The story flowed beautifully. The characters were so well drawn that by the end I considered them friends.

I finished this book with tears in my eyes. I will certainly be reading “Hartford”, the next book in the series.

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HARTFORD-KINDLEHARTFORD – 5.0 out of 5 stars

Even if you haven’t read the first book the author still gives you the background of the characters in this book so it could easily…

By sarah hardy TOP 1000 REVIEWER
Format: Kindle Edition
This is the book that follows ‘It’s In Their Eyes’. Even if you haven’t read the first book the author still gives you the background of the characters in this book so it could easily be read as a stand alone but I reckon after reading this you will want to go back and see how it all began. The author has done another great job with this book, I thought the storyline was really good and focused more on CeeCee and her friends raising awareness about abuse and the lengths that some people will go to, to try and stop them. There are a few twists towards the end which I wasn’t expecting and for me pushed it to a 5 star rating

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Chapter 5 (Hartford)

Wendy was sitting crossed legged on the floor with the Spaniel curled up on her knees. Tears were falling silently down her cheeks, as she stroked the dog’s silken liver coloured ears. No one had been able to get the girl to break her silence. It hadn’t mattered how long she’d spent in the therapy room or with anyone else. No one and nothing had managed to get through to her – except Bonnie. One of the dogs that lived here, she was the gentler of the two, seeming to know who needed the most help. She would sit silently, pressed up close to their knees and wait. She never rushed them just sat up close to let them know she was there. Her soft fur was comforting without her being obvious and she never made demands of any of them. Bonnie’s companion, Monty, was a black Labrador, still young enough to be full of life and bouncy. Not one for the quieter children this, as he wanted nothing better than to play all the time.

Bonnie, although just as young and a typical mad Springer, instinctively knew who needed her special kind of help. She would sit with them until they needed her no more, when she’d revert back to being totally daft, playful and overly energetic. Monty, on the other hand, although full of life, had his own unique way of helping. He absolutely adored children too and enjoyed playing with them. He’d spend all day with his ball chasing it for them and dropping it back at their feet. Once they’d had enough, he delighted in nothing more than sprawling his large body on top of theirs and going to sleep.

His companion might love her ball just as much as he did, but would calm herself totally when needed. It was uncanny how both dogs seemed to sense where they were needed most. Each had taken a different role, enabling them to help in their own ways. By playing with the black dog, children learnt to laugh again, as they watched him leap, twist and turn trying to catch his ball mid-air. While others found comfort and learned trust from the liver and white Bonnie’s quiet and undemanding presence – just as Wendy was doing now.

Downstairs, people had been excitedly preparing for a special visitor – their founder and benefactor, CeeCee. She was coming for one of her special visits…

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