Today’s world is seeing far too much aggression, anger, spite and cruelty in so many ways. Facebook threads are filled with horrendous comments by people even when the subject matter calls for kindness, compassion and support.

Yesterday, I saw news saying a fifteen year old boy had been killed in London after his bicycle and a motor scooter crashed. No other facts were known at the time about cause, whose fault it was, nothing. All that was known was a fifteen year old had died.

I went to write condolences in the comments section, but was stilled by what I saw. Practically every comment written was filled with venom, hatred, nastiness and people blaming the boy, saying it had to have been his fault. The parents too were being blamed for ‘letting him out’ and so much more.

On top of this nastiness, those making such comments were even arguing with each other, swearing with the most foul language. All of this badness due to the reports of poor child who had died and a family having to face every parent’s nightmare.

What is wrong with the world that this escalation of badness is all we’re seeing around us? I had hoped to see those hundreds of other comments filled with outpourings of love, kindness, support and compassion, but instead saw what saddened me enormously and filled me with despair of what this world has become.

There are so many good, kind people in this world. Please, make it your new years resolution to spread your kindness and love wherever you go and whenever you speak. Show others how to love, how to be kind and how to have compassion for others.

Don’t let their badness, bitterness and hatred affect you. Try to rise above it and lead by example. Love is what we need to find in ourselves, love, kindness and humility. Make those three things what you aim for in the coming year and help make the much needed difference in our world.

Let your kindness touch others and may God’s graces and blessings shine down upon all of you who are trying to be as He asks of us. Let His love shine through you and touch others’ lives that they too may one day want to become as you are. Help spread love instead of hatred, compassion instead of being uncaring and kindness instead of abuse. Together, you can make a difference.

One response to “Kindness

  1. How sad! My condolences to the boy’s family. The people who left the nasty comments are people who see only bitterness in the world. How Sad!

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