Trump, You and World Disasters


It is with despair I am watching Donald Trump rush in headfirst like a bull in a china shop as regards to destroying our planet. For all his constant repeating of the word ‘God’ in his inauguration speech, I don’t for one moment think he can actually believe in Him.

If he did, he would have more respect for not just the life and rights of unborn children who are aborted at late stages for no medical reason, but would also have respect and a longing to preserve life of our planet.

Whatever anyone does with their own life is their choice, for them to decide and have to live with. I don’t agree with late abortions – or abortion at all, but understand things aren’t always as straightforward and simple as others think them to be when such decisions are made. Late abortions though are just plain murder and never acceptable.

When it comes to making decisions about the planet we live on, people in positions of power such as he now finds himself have a huge responsibility that must, and should, be taken far more seriously than he seems to be. Ordinary people should be taking far more care too, but when in a position to influence people and make big decisions about our planet, they have a lot more to be answerable for.

Maybe Trump should read my book with the predictions and prophecies about our world that were given to me to share. The disasters we were told would happen are being seen to occur. They are coming closer and closer together and becoming more extreme. We are told why this would happen and what was to be done about it.

Weather extremities and changes, climate changes in different parts of the world that are opposite to everything they’ve always been used to were warned about and being seen to happen. Weird weather patterns, more and more earthquakes happening and volcanoes once thought dormant now being seen to be awakened.

This and so much more is due to mankind, the way he is treating the earth and how he lives. It isn’t just me who has been given predictions and warnings to share with the world, many others have been too. We have been given a job to do, but in different ways to each other in order to reach as many people as possible. We are warned most will ridicule and ignore until it is too late, but that others will take heed.

I’ve seen this to be true. So few care to listen and often ridicule. Trump is one of the worst offender’s for now setting in motion much that will accelerate this destruction to bring on more and bigger disasters. He is one of the worst, because he is in a position where he could help make a huge difference for the better as did Obama.

Instead, he is choosing to reverse all the good Obama did in this matter with things that will destroy much of our planet. Things that will cause far more disasters, thereby killing many millions worldwide.

When these things happen, we must not and cannot blame God, we must blame man, for this is where the fault and blame lies. We are being warned constantly yet choose to ignore. God has allowed people to advise and guide us, but most people are choosing to ignore those warnings.

They ignore them in the same way many now also ignore God. So many have turned from Him and into false spiritual teachings instead. The false ways are preferred, due to them playing on ego’s that tell everyone how wonderful they all are and that they can carry on living as they do with no consequence.

Ego stroking is helping destroy our planet and will kill millions due to selfish lives that will not change, despite the signs being given to prove God’s warnings true. It is also losing souls in their multi millions, despite these people being told they are somehow allegedly enriching them.

Maybe Donald Trump should read the book published nearly five years ago. The book filled with proof he and many others prefer to ignore and pretend isn’t there. I doubt he’d take any notice any more than others who are as equally self absorbed and egotistical.

If you are one of the ones who ridicule and jeer about this, just don’t any of you say later when it starts to reach its peak of devastation you don’t know why it’s happening, because you do. If you are one of the ones who have taken heed, pray. Pray as never before for our world. For what is befalling it and for what is yet to come, for this is just the prelude.

God gave everyone free will and it is that free will so many are using to destroy and kill the world we live in. There is only so much longer people can keep ignoring what’s happening elsewhere in the world, because soon, those things will start happening where they are and won’t be able to be ignored any longer.

When it starts to affect their lives is when they will start to care. Even then sadly, most will only care what is happening to them rather than to others and the planet. Far too many will still refuse to accept they brought in on themselves, just as they brought it on others before them who suffered and died in natural disasters caused by man.

For all those who do ignore the facts and proof, many others will start to question at long last and will think hard. It is those people who will start to then make changes we need and become less selfish, but while people like Trump stay in power making decisions to destroy and damage our planet beyond repair, then God help us and God help the world. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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