Lightworkers who Spread hate and Bile

Discernment is something I have taught for years, as is testing the spirits. The more people are doing this, the more fake spiritual workers are finding their work drying up. Hence their attacks on me – or attempts to. 

I am showing yet another message (as promised) from someone professing to be a lightworker spreading ‘love and light’. One thing they seem to have in common with the others, is anger, lack of respect for anyone teaching about God, His gifts, discernment and how to test the spirits of the dead as well as the living. They also seem to be very lacking in any love or any light – as the following words in italics will show.

Let’s take a look at this wording below received from a ‘lightworker’. This is the reality of them behind the scenes when not gushing over people likely to pay for their services. This is what lies truly in their hearts rather than the face they show to customers. I love such messages received, for it shows me God is reaching more people and they are walking away from things led to deceive. Hence anger from those losing business.

“’re one of the biggest bullies on Earth. You’re antagonistic,self righteous and ignorant…you’re right,everybody else is wrong. The threats you make,supposedly from God. are laughable…the chains for us all!! Imagine if everyone was like you…what a horrible world it would be. The hyprocracy of attacking people for making money while advertizing books for sale is disgusting….go and get some help”

You will see from these words their anger as they try to intimidate and upset me. It won’t, no matter how much they throw at me or how hard they try. It is a sad attempt from someone who knows God’s words are starting to hit home and make people think at last about claims made, as they test and listen carefully to see if ‘spiritual workers” words and claims match their deeds.

For one thing, I do not bully, profess anything I teach is of my own thoughts and mind (unless I specifically say they are) and have never threatened anyone in my life. The alleged threats I am accused of making are probably down to predictions and prophecies received from heaven to be shared with the world. I can only assume this is what they are referring to.

These predictions and prophecies are not mine to claim as my own and I have never said they were. What these people seem to ignore though, is those predictions and prophecies are coming true and proving to be scarily accurate – even down to saying false prophets, such as the one above, are to be exposed and find their work drying up.

The accusations are always the same – about my books, as they can find nothing else to accuse me of. This shows me how much my work must have hit home and how much God’s words are at last being listened to and followed, as more and more people are testing all they see and hear.

I teach the differences and leave people to make up their own minds which ways they prefer and which God. The one of the bible, the gods of paganism or the god of false spiritual works. Unlike them, I never sell any of my gifts, charge for giving advice, guidance, answering questions (no matter how many), or anything else that pertains to spiritual works.

I also never charge for what they call an exchange of energies they say needs to be paid for. This is a term they use to justify charging for what you and I call having a conversation.

Also unlike them, I never read their blogs then attack them for what they say in them. Nor do I bully them by insisting what they should and shouldn’t say or do. Unlike them, I don’t chase after them as they chase after me and have no wish to.   If they read my blog and don’t like what I say, why can they not do others do and walk away to find something they do agree with?

The fact they are the ones to follow me, seek me out and speak in ways such as the words you’ve read above, shows the reality of which of us really is intolerant and bullying. We each have our own ways, beliefs, unbelief’s and ways of life. What we choose to do is right for us if it isn’t hurting anyone else or preying on their gullibility in order to make monies from them.

If anyone is seen to be doing this, each person with moral decency has a right to warn others what to look out for, as signs this may be happening to them or those they know. It is then up to them to decide whether to carry on or take those warnings on board. This is no different to teaching how to tell the difference between counterfeit goods and genuine ones, such as designer bags and cheap copies from China.

Unfortunately, those who are preying on others take these guidelines as a threat to them personally and that is when we see attacks such as above. It is also a great way to hear alarm bells ring. Why are they so scared and threatened if they are doing nothing wrong?

They seem to get angered at anyone following God properly as per the Bible and Jesus – just like Satan does. They go against all that’s in the Bible or Jesus’ teachings, preferring their own ways and rules made up to fit what anyone wants them to say or how they want them to be.

They attack anyone of religion, faith or belief’s other than pagan, new age or spiritualism, whether justified or not – usually not. I teach, guide and answer questions about God’s way and share words given to me from heaven to pass onto the world. People are then left to discern which are God’s ways and which aren’t.

I teach how God asks us not to charge for anything that comes from Him, yet they’d make any excuse they can to charge for someone even breathing in their direction. In fact, they even teach how to do that for money saying it helps reach ‘spirit’ – which it doesn’t.

I refuse to justify selling my books to anyone, because anyone intelligent recognises the huge difference in being an author and using one’s knowledge to spread through the written word from selling fake gifts – or even genuine ones. Intelligent people also recognise how much it would cost to publish and produce a book and that self published authors make very little profit if any at all from such books.

The fact this is the only thing they can ever throw at me says how worried they are at being exposed for their fakery and preying on vulnerable people. My work has reached many worldwide and their lucrative businesses are not doing as well as they used to due to people being more aware how to check if gifts on offer really are genuine or not.If they are being charged for, then usually they are not.

All in all, the world is waking up at last and false ways are now becoming recognised for being false, as people start asking questions. The more they see of the predictions coming true the more they question the reasons we were told these things had to happen.

More and more is to happen now and much closer together and getting even bigger than we’ve already seen. When this continues to happen, even more will ask questions and walk away from false ways and back to God of the bible rather than the false one they’ve been sold for too many years now.

Which each person decides is up to them and will determine their future and their outcome on leaving this world, but for now, the futile attempts made to attack me are just that – futile. Nothing is greater than God and nothing is more evil than Satan.

All that is good, honest and true comes from God and all that is opposite those things comes from His adversary. Who you decide to follow and believe is up to you, but remember, God sees, hears and knows all things – including one’s innermost thoughts.

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