Shift in the World

There appears to be a slight shift going on in the world at the moment. We are starting to see more and more people questioning why so much is happening with natural disasters, man made troubles and unrest. It’s about time they opened their eyes to what’s going on and it seems some now are.

They’re realising this isn’t normal by any means and that far more things are being heard of every day that are either strange, extreme or never heard of before in certain places. Behaviour of people and natural phenomena that are not as one would expect have all been seen for a long time now.

Some are at last wondering what’s happening and why these things are happening that can’t be explained so easily. On the other hand, we are also seeing people recognising false spiritual acts and teachings for what they are – a way to con good, decent people out of money.

We were told eyes would start to open and things would start to change and here it is. It’s a slow start, but at least it’s started. While many have turned away from religion and God, more now are turning back from the false ways they were tempted into and coming back to God. Not all of them are coming back to religion and churches, but that doesn’t matter. Not all are even turning back to God, but they are turning back to goodness.

God and religion are two different things. People can also be good and pure without knowing God. I have met and seen many people who profess to love Him who are hypocrites. I have seen others who say they don’t believe in Him, but are good decent people living much purer lives than those who do.

Goodness is starting to creep back in our world. It never went away totally, but it was becoming harder and more difficult to find, due to the escalation of bad people with only darkness and hardness in their hearts. They are still out there, but their days are becoming numbered, as God is slowly, but gradually claiming back His world.

The tempers and anger of the false workers are getting worse, as they realise their work is starting to dry up. People aren’t as gullible as they once were and are now questioning in ways they never used to. It is slow, very slow, but it is happening.

The anger aimed at people such as myself who give guidance on what is real and what isn’t has been seen to escalate again recently. I am delighted, it means we are being heard by more people and our words are making a difference.

I was told recently by one angry person I would regret my words one day, but I never will. Unlike false ways, my faith and beliefs are strong, unchanging and immovable. Unlike them, I am not in it for money, I’m in it to help people’s eyes open, to give them a choice between right and wrong.

I am strong in my will to help as many people come back to God and goodness as I can. I want to see people save their souls not lose them. I am not bothered how many hate me or take offence at my stealing people back from their lairs of satan. It is a joy seeing God win them back. How can anyone regret what has brought people back to something that will maybe help save them rather than lose their souls?

There isn’t a soul alive who can hurt, upset or worry me – not one. I have seen and heard it all before – for many years. I have suffered things no one will ever know and survived them only to come out stronger. Take me on and you’ll find it isn’t just me you take on, it is heaven’s army standing behind me you’ll be taking on too. Only a brave person would dare try.

I am given strength that is beyond anything most humans could normally bear when it comes to my work and even my personal life now. This has been given me to help with the work I have done and have yet to do. Most people will never understand those words and I wouldn’t expect them to, but a few others will.

It is not said with ego, it is said due to finding myself able to withstand things in ways I could never have done before. God has taught me well and helped strengthen me. No one penetrates the armour built around me. They still try, but only to see everything they throw at me bounce right off leaving me unscathed.

The world is changing, poeple are changing. Goodness and purity is starting to fight back. Honesty and truth is starting to be seen over and above the lies and deception behind the scenes of so much of what is passed off as spiritual works. We have a long, long way yet to go, but the clean up has started. There are many like me in the world spreading God’s words, but in different ways to each other.

Enjoy the fruits of Satan that come from false teachings while you can, because they are already starting to dry up slowly. While they do, be ready to see what God has in store for the world due to the badness so many have led others into. It has started, the proof is already starting to be seen. Be ready and prepare, for when it comes, not one of us will want to be taken off guard.


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