Christians at War

Pope Francis is saying and doing an awful lot about things I had been asked to share with the world over recent years. For regular followers of my work and books, take a look back and see what was in the books and what we have been asked to do; what has been shared from above. Look how much of it is was as Francis is now doing and saying.

Changes are happening within the church just as I was asked to warn would happen and not all people can accept those changes. It takes great strength to say what God asks us to say. It takes great courage to carry it on through when so many are rebelling, ridiculing, despising and refusing to listen or accept.

Times and people have to change. The church is weaker than ever before and most of the reason is due to people within those churches. They are far too often self righteous hypocrites who believe only their way is the right way and all others are fools or misguided.

It is this dreadful one upmanship and refusal to accept, respect or unite with others that is seeing the decline and slow death of the church and religion as we know it. God is being left out in the cold while this carries on. He lies forgotten and unwanted, despite people professing what they do is in His name. It isn’t and it’s time they faced up to the truth.

Catholics and all Protestant religions are at war with each other constantly. So few within those religions are obeying, listening or doing God’s will. They are doing their own. Francis is working hard at obeying God’s words and guidance in such matters. I have been too and so have many others in the world.

We have been ignored, just as he is being ignored, by so many of what call themselves ‘the faithful’. The only problem is, just who or what are these people being faithful to? It isn’t God or His laws I can assure you, so why are they calling themselves by such a title?

There has been nothing much worth writing recently, as it has all been said that needed to be. People would either listen or walk away and ignore what they were seeing. The time for burying one’s head in the sand is now over. It is time to recognise what is going on and why.

People are going to have to waken up and open their eyes to what they are and how they are behaving. It is time to see just how far removed from God they really are. Christian is a name and title given to those who follow Christ and believe in His teachings.

How come you are all fighting then and split into so many divisions where most of His teachings are being ignored or changed to suit your whims, modern trends and feminist demands? You have all been warned and advised what was needed and you have mostly ignored those warnings given by Our Lady and Heaven.

We have shared their words with you and their guidance. We have asked and you used your free will to decide to ignore those requests and their guidance. It is now too late for what is to follow to be changed. You were told of the places and that for those who believed in such things, your prayers, masses and rosaries could help, but how many bothered?

Those who don’t believe in such matters were asked to change how they lived, to re-think their everyday lives, words, deeds and behaviour, but so few did. We have seen much of what was warned come to fruition already and now, it is time for more and these will leave all of you in no doubt of why it had to occur.

You were told, you were forewarned in plenty of time to make those changes, but you refused to believe and you refused to change. Now, it is too late and it is upon those poor souls that this has to happen. May God bless them and all who have to suffer or help in the aftermath of what the world is now to see occur. It is time, it is here and it is now.

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  1. Hello Kev, I’m not sure which of my books you have, but the bits about the pope are in Heaven is Guiding me. There are three books with predictions and prophecies. The first is the one of that name (previously called The Spirit World Speaks), Voices from Heaven and Heaven is Guiding Me. Thanks so much for buying one. It is scary how much is proving accurate isn’t it?
    As for the health etc. I am doing much better thank you apart from the feet sadly. I’m not getting the car till 15th, but hoping all will be well. As it’s Toyota, one thing I can almost guarantee is that it will be safe and reliable – as all the others I’ve had have been so far. 🙂 x

  2. Hi Lorraine, I have your book and read it, But have I missed something in the press regarding the Pope recently ? I don’t watch news very often anymore so I may not be clued up enough. I know that much of your book is being proved correct now, but I have missed this latest bit, sorry.

    Hope you are well now and enjoying the car Regards Kev Xx

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