Angel Supermarket

Imagine the scene, a supermarket where there are shelves galore stocked to overflowing with angels of all different shapes and sizes. This is the angel supermarket where any angel to fit your needs can be hired for the right price.

The cashiers at the check out in this shop have special names and are also the supermarket owners. Instead of calling themselves by their rightful name, they are usually called mediums or angel channellers. However, some give themselves more wondrous titles they say is due to their elevated ability to communicate and offer the more expensive angels to you.

Apparently, angels sit on a shop shelf waiting for you to come along and hire one. They come with different price tags depending on what you want. The price is determined by the greed of the supermarket owner selling them and of those saying they can offer you the highest prized angels of all, archangels.

How amazing they’re at our beck and call, able to be used for such menial tasks. This means everything God told us is a lie and angels aren’t with us from birth after all, nor are they in heaven doing God’s work as He tells us they are. No, instead, we can have one in attendance and made to measure for whatever fits our needs – and according to how much we can afford.

So what choices of angels are there? Some have bottles or containers filled with fluids that promise if you use it, you too can connect with angels. It’s very expensive and often filled with special (sometimes coloured) tap water. Due to its magical properties these come very highly priced.

Other angels sit playing cards while they wait for someone to come and have a reading from them. These are the ones usually with elaborate names and dressed up in lots of finery. They can be dressed in all manner of wonderful things depending on what they’re to be used for. They are made to fit the image the person doing the hiring has in their head.

Clever mediums can always tell quite quickly which one their paying customer is likely to want and will make sure they offer one to fit the bill. Those on offer tend to have huge white fluffy wings that glow and twinkle, or are ladies dressed in flowing semi see through dresses or bikinis and obligatory big boobs.

Then we have the half naked male angels dressed only in loin cloths. They come with rippling muscles, bulging thighs, biceps and broad, well muscled chests. Their whole body is smothered in oil so the skin glows.

Other angels have name tags around their necks. They were once humans, but at the moment of death, they magically turned into an angel, a guardian angel no less, and are now waiting for their owner to come along. They are always someone’s child, father, mother or other loved one, but like the others, have to be paid for.

There are other angels one can buy dependant on whichever medium you go to. So, as you can hear, there is an angel to fit every need and fantasy. The archangels (Michael is always the most popular), come at a much higher price than all the others as their position warrants.

In the meantime, throughout the world and in heaven, God’s heavenly angels who don’t need a medium to do God’s work, are busily guarding over and guiding all the people God created – and they’re doing it free of charge. They do this constantly day in day out without people even realising they’re working so hard to look after them.

Some people sit and listen to their guidance. They know they can ask questions of God and answers will be given if they care to listen. All they need do is watch for repeated signs seen or the same thoughts that don’t go away in their heads. These are usually answers we sought to questions asked and are too often ignored. Sadly, not all people realise this, hence they think they have to buy their services as described above.

Yes, I am writing scathingly, because angel therapy, channelling and card readings is a lucrative market people need to have their eyes opened to. Reading the above, can you not see how gullible people going to buy such things are being? Does it really sound like anything of God or even anything real?

If anyone reading this wants to believe there is a supermarket filled with angels only mediums can make contact with and supply to you, that’s your choice. It’s your life to do with as you please, but don’t ever pretend you believe in God, heaven, or God’s holy angels, because you don’t. Using His name while talking of such things and pretending any of it comes from Him is offensive in the extreme.

I have written about this subject often and will continue to do so while it remains to be the most popular thing put into search engines and bringing people to my blog. People need to open their eyes and realise going to such places is why they never find peace. Because it isn’t real is why they end up going from one medium to the other constantly seeking and searching, but never finding peace or acceptance.

They go from one demonstration to another, from one touring medium in theatres to another hoping to hear a message they say brings peace and comfort, but that obviously doesn’t.

Always searching and never finding. Next time you feel tempted to go for a reading, be it with cards, demonstrations or angel channelling, remember the angel supermarket. See it stocked to the gills with them sitting there, price tags attached, waiting for the gullible to arrive with their bulging wallets.

Maybe if you think about the above, you’ll see it for what it really is and think twice about it. Call to mind what God tells us about those who have died. They are safe and at rest with Him and now living in Paradise, but they are not angels. Remember what He tells us about His angels of Heaven and what their work is about. Nowhere, will you see they, their guidance or guardianship comes for a price and only through mediums.

If you don’t believe in God, why would you believe in angels anyway, especially Saint Michael considering who he is and what his work is for? Do you believe in God or a god? Angels of heaven, or supermarket angels? The choice is yours to make, but just don’t confuse the two, because they don’t come from the same place and never will.

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  1. Years ago a man visiting the grounds of the Lily Dale Spiritualist Assembly in New York began selling guides to people. A simple Native American guide cost $200, while a chief with full headdress was $500. Biblical personalities such as Moses or Daniel cost upwards to $1500 or more and archangels commanded an even higher price. Once the camp administration found out about his racket they promptly booted him off the grounds.

  2. I’m afraid it was a bit wicked, but makes me smile, for that’s just how things are and needs to be said. I think it’s time I went back to some of the old ways too and re-published the earlier books. I think people need reminding 🙂 x

  3. Anne Beattie

    Lorraine, I thought you had lost the plot when I started to read your post, Angel Supermarket. Well written and well said.

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