Similarity in Differences

This morning, after breakfast in my hotel, I sat with a lovely couple and had a lengthy conversation with them. In fact, we have only just parted company. What made this morning’s conversation so much more interesting, was the fact the wife is an agnostic and natural healer, the husband an atheist who is interested in all things scientific and I am a Christian believing in all they talked about.

It goes to prove how we are all far more alike than we realise, despite having different beliefs about God, religion and the afterlife. It is conversations such as these I’d like to have more often. A coming together of people from different walks of life and beliefs who enjoy sharing who they are, what they believe in and how it shapes their lives.

Isn’t it this very sort of thing I was talking about in You are God’s Church? Places where we could meet to come together and discuss our lives in this very way? It is time we all came together and tried to learn more about each other and see just how alike we really are.

We might be different colours, races or beliefs, but we all have one thing in common – we are human beings. Humans come in different sizes, shapes and characters, but we can still be like one another far more than we realise if only we took time to concentrate on our similarities.

People often concentrate on how different they are to those they meet, believing they have nothing in common. This can be true, but if we opened up more, we might find that we aren’t so different after all.

My break away this time has also seen me meet some really interesting people in a pub I happened upon by chance. Meeting them has also shown me the way my work is to carry on in order for it to move forwards. I am eager to get started, and as such, have started a new book. It is going to be yet another slightly different one to those written before. It has also decided me to re-publish the earlier books, but revised slightly.

There is a need for them. I took them off sale due to them talking of mediumship – not something I wanted to be associated with. I now realise, it was a part of me briefly due to false teachings, is still a part of life for many people and therefore, needs to be talked about and taught as done before.

At present there is only one way talked of and taught. My teachings and guidance were, and are, for those who don’t want those mass produced, generalised ways done parrot fashion that aren’t how God wants us to work or what He gives the gifts to some of us for.

People will decide which way is right for them, but they all deserve to have a choice. Instead, in the last decades, they have been taught only man’s ways are what they should be doing. The fact they’ve only been around for just over a hundred years says otherwise.

So, thanks to those lovely people, especially Chris and Dave, as you’ve got me motivated again. I’ll be busy working as there’s a lot to do and I might even add a few pocket/handbag sized teaching manuals. Watch this space. 🙂

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  1. Anne Beattie

    Loved your article “similarity in differences”, so true if we only took time to listen to other people instead of judging them on sight we would all be a lot more enlightened. Thank you. x

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