Love Your Enemies

One thing we see a lot is people who believe in God or religion being verbally abused and ridiculed by non believers. This has always happened, but has become far worse in today’s world than we have seen for a long time.

Far too many non believers insist we are all idiots, have no right to have religion or God talked about on television, in newspapers and magazines or anywhere else they might come across such things.

What is ironic about such demands, is all those behaving in such ways call us the judgemental ones. Why are they all so nasty and bitter and why is it we don’t see believers attacking them for not believing in the same way they attack us?

Obviously it is not all non believers who do this, as there are many people in the world who are decent human beings living their lives in a good way and allowing others to live as they please also. Sadly though, there are many more behaving badly now than ever seen before. They call us names, ridicule, jeer and try to intimidate and bully wherever and however they can.

What none of these people realise, is their attempts don’t touch or affect us in any way whatsoever. Instead, it makes us pity them, as we can see they are empty, emotionless people and this is what makes them angry, hateful to others and so judgemental.

Their lives are missing something, so they lash out at anyone seen to be happy, content and who has faith, hope and trust in times of hardship or trials. They don’t have that and are bitter about anyone else who does. They may not believe in God or prayers, but we do and they hate we do.

One thing my parents taught me – and so did God – is to love one’s enemies. We should pray for them and do good deeds for them if and when needed. Our prayers can help save them and maybe help them find peace in their hearts too. Only an angry or sad person feels a need to attack others. No one who is happy and content with their life feels such a need. Instead, they want others to be happy too.

Next time you are attacked for your beliefs, told you are intolerant and judgemental for having these beliefs when you are neither of those things, recognise why it is being said. The person is desperately sad and sees you aren’t. For some reason, they want you to feel as they do.

Rise above it, don’t retaliate and pray for them and their souls. Ask God that one day, their eyes and ears may be opened. That whatever their beliefs or non beliefs, pray they find peace in their hearts and lives. For all attacks such as theirs are a public admission of a person with emptiness inside. A person who is deeply sad and bitter – even if they can’t recognise it.


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