Are You Behaving as Extremists and Terrorists?

This may be very different than my usual posts, but it needs to be said.

Yet again Britain has seen a terrorist attack. Yet again, we hear everyone bravely saying we need to come together and unite, but yet again, we see the very opposite happening with too many people.

Go on any thread reporting about the attacks on Facebook, Twitter or other social and media outlets and you’ll see arguing, spite, hatred, anger and venom, as people try to out do each other with their comments. They are all trying to outdo each other with their attacks on anyone and everyone. Not just on the terrorists and extremists who carry out such attacks, but on anyone else regardless. Anyone is a target, including others commenting on the threads with them.

How is this uniting? How is this showing terrorists and extremists we will not be divided or become as they are? How is this helping anyone affected and how is it leading by example? It isn’t, for by behaving in such ways, those arguing are all behaving just as any terrorist or extremist is doing. If you are doing such things, you are showing hatred and intolerance of others just as much as they are.

The only way to show terrorists and extremists they will not divide us, is when you all stop fighting against each other. When you stop behaving and speaking as they do, with hearts filled with hatred and intolerance of everyone but yourself and your own ideas and beliefs.

The threads should be showing how everyone speaks ONLY of love, coming together, uniting, supporting everyone and being kind. Stop the political and religious rants against each other, for this is what too many of you are doing. You say how bad they are, then behave as badly to others yourselves. By speaking in ways of hatred and intolerance towards others, you are no better than any extremist or terrorist, for isn’t that how they too started?

Be as the good people we’re seeing. The ones who are offering beds, shelter, food, drinks, blankets and a safe haven for those in need or affected by such events. These are the people who make the world a better place, not you with your rants and attacks at others as you try to out do each other in your venom and need to cast blame and slurs on all people regardless.

The world is filled with badness. Why are YOU adding to it? You condemn others for behaving in such ways and yet look at your own behaviour. It is no better. Just because you aren’t out there killing anyone (yet) doesn’t make your words or behaviour any better than those who do.

It is still hate talk, it is still intolerance, it is still politically and religiously motivated and who knows what your hatred and venom might one day lead you to do against those you say you despise, but whose behaviour you’re copying.

Until YOU stop how YOU behave and speak towards others, we haven’t a hope in hell of uniting and stopping such hatred in our country. All you’re doing is stirring up even more hatred and intolerance under the guise of being better than those you condemn. Well you aren’t any better than them – you are as them. It isn’t only the terrorists and extremists our country is having to protect ourselves against, it is also YOU.

The same can be said for all people in all countries experiencing the same problems. Do not become as those whose aim it is to hurt you by you hurting others as well. Let’s unite, for by coming together, YOU can be responsible for helping spread world peace, not spreading even more hatred and intolerance.

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