Love Thy Enemies

It saddens me to see people saying they don’t need to forgive anyone in order to grow spiritually. Forgiveness is a very hard thing to achieve when bad things have been said about you, done to you, done to others or the world in general, but we need to learn to forgive if we want to grow closer to God and gain purity of our souls.

There is a lot of badness in the world today, but there always has been. When people do bad things towards others, some will repent and ask forgiveness, while many others won’t. It is far easier to forgive someone who says they’re sorry and genuinely means it, but what if they never say sorry? What if their badness continues?

The time you know you have grown closer to God, become more as He is and as He asks you to be, is when you can forgive those who hurt you or others badly, abuse you/them, who continue to do so and yet you still manage to forgive.

Forgiving and forgetting are very different things. Just because you are able to forgive all they do, doesn’t mean you have to like the people, accept their actions, words or deeds. You don’t need to have anything to do with them, but once you have learnt to forgive them, it’s amazing how further actions done by them lose their ability to affect you any more.

You might still feel saddened, but not react or feel as you did before. Learning to forgive such people who commit dreadful deeds against others is one of the hardest things we will ever have to learn to do, but we can learn how to if we really want to.

Harbouring hatred, anger and hurt is not going to bother the offenders one little bit. It won’t affect their day to day lives, stop them enjoying themselves or having fun, it is you it continues to affect. They have already hurt and abused you or people at large. They’ve caused dreadful mental anguish and suffering at the time they did it, why allow them to keep doing it to you?

By holding on to anything that has happened in your life, whether it be from outside influences and badness from strangers, or from people we know and who are close to us, we are allowing their abuse to continue. Take back your power. Stop being a victim and get out there and live your life to the full.

To see you not being affected and living life to the best of your ability is enough to show them they did not beat you. They have not worn you down or ruined your life. They have not made you become as they are, with a heart filled with hatred. They are powerless over you and you are better than them.

Why sink to their level and fill your heart with as much darkness and hatred as they have in theirs? Rise above it, recognise they are only attacking because they are bad people. No one who is good, ever did bad deeds, spoke words filled with hate or took pleasure in hurting others. Once you realise you are above those things and have God in your heart not Satan, it will become far easier to let go and ignore all they have done and continue to do.

They are the ones with the problem, not you. You have God walking with you and your angels are helping guide and protect you. They have too, but they refuse to acknowledge this, preferring badness instead. Don’t be as they are, allow God and His holy angels to guide and help you. Allow yourself to feel their love. Hand your problems, dislike, hurt, pain and suffering to them to take care of – and they will.

You won’t ever forget bad things done, and might still be on the receiving end of further attempts, but remember, in the end, love overcomes hate and goodness overcomes evil. All we have to do is remember that. Shine goodness on others and love our enemies whether we like their deeds or not. By loving them, we destroy their ability to hurt us.

To enable you to love them, don’t think of them as the human they’ve become through their own free will, see them as they once were, the innocent soul God created. A soul that for some reason is now hurting so badly and filled with so much hatred that they feel a need to hurt others.

No one is born with so much hatred in them. Life or people is what makes people as they become. A strong or weak character will decide who we become due to those things. Weak people allow life to make them turn bad, strong people will use life experiences to make them grow stronger.

Pray for the weak to be healed. Pray their hearts and minds can be filled with love and peace, not hatred and angst. Achieving this will set you free from their clutches and instead of losing your soul by feeling nothing but hatred as they do, you are saving your soul and nourishing it.

It is by achieving such things we grow spiritually. No one ever grew spiritually by holding hatred in their hearts, they grew by finding forgiveness and learning to love their enemies as well as their friends. Anyone can love someone who’s kind and pleasant to them, only those closer to being as God asks of us can love their enemies as well.

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