Time for the World to Wake Up

Predictions of extreme weather, record breaking temperatures, increasing disasters (by man’s and God’s hand) coming closer and closer together is being seen to happen.

We’ve seen towns and villages destroyed and affected by floods in ways we were told. We’re now seeing the fires they said would follow raging out of control as never seen before.

Terrorist attacks are happening constantly, earthquake numbers rising and again, in places least likely to be seen. Even dormant volcanoes are becoming active.

The media is saying Stephen Hawking had predicted some of this last year  (AFTER we could see it for ourselves!), yet we had this predicted to us about natural disasters FIVE years ago in the book above.

We were told about FAR more than just what’s happening to the planet as he is saying, we’ve been told of so much more. It’s time people looked at what was told them in that book and checked to see how much is now being seen to be proving to be correct and to be happening.

People are saying about one man ‘predicting’ what was, and is, already pretty obviously happening, but no one talks of this book that said it five years before he did and BEFORE it was evident to everyone.

We were also told these things of man and God would be happening closer together and getting bigger and bigger and it would start to make people question why and what was happening. We were told it was to happen in such ways to MAKE people eventually sit up, take notice and start to question. At long last, they are now starting to do so.

It’s high time people recognised this book (Predictions and Prophecies) warned us what was to happen and it is still showing what else is yet to come. Stephen Hawking is not predicting anything, he is only stating facts from what we can already see to be happening.

THIS book told us BEFORE it was seen and it tells us much more of what lies ahead in even three generations from now. People laughed at what we were told five years ago, but they’re not laughing now. Now, they can see how accurate the words given to us are proving to be. They need to recognise it means the rest is probably also going to come true and that NOW is the time to act if we want to prevent some of it as we’re told we can.

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