Addiction to Mediums

It is time I revised my older books on this subject. Despite not liking the word ‘medium’, it’s one I need to speak about, and it needs to be done in ways people who believe in such things understand. Far too many people in the world are obsessed by mediums and are paying out a fortune to be told what they already know, or to be deceived.

Yet again I have just had a woman tell me she believes in God and His angels, but says going to a medium and angel channeller brings her comfort and solace as they bring her angels to her!!! That is not a person who believes in God, that is an addict who believes in false gods, false angels and false mediums. Someone blinded by the false claims made by false teachings that are brainwashing our world at a rapid rate.

If anyone finds solace and comfort in words given to them, they aren’t still in need of seeking those two things everywhere they go are they? Once found, why would there be a need to keep going to people who profess to speak to the dead? People who say they will tell your fortune and future, talk to the dead and who profess to give you counsel and guidance through angels or guides – all of it for money of course?

Also, if any of it was of God, why would they be charging for readings, guidance and their time? It is pure fakery done to draw people in and make money from them due to being either too lazy to get a real job, or a desperate need to be seen as different and somehow special. The more special these people believe themselves to be, the greater their titles and claims. The greater their claims and titles, the greater their charges.

What is wrong with everyone today that they are so easily led and brainwashed? What has happened to everyone that so many otherwise sensible people are so easily duped and will pay out huge sums constantly for an addiction they refuse to recognise is an addiction?

I am sickened that the Church as a whole has never guided people on this and that they still refuse to, despite seeing the results of what’s happening for themselves. I am horrified they ignore it, because I have tried so often for many years to make them sit up and listen, only to be continually ignored.

I am horrified, because priests and nuns are meant to be guardians of God’s Church – the Church being His people – and yet they are not protecting them. They are refusing to teach about such matters and prefer, like too much else these days, to sweep it under the carpet hoping it’ll go away.

Well it won’t go away, instead, it is now an epidemic, has been an epidemic for many years while the church sat back and watched it happen. While churches are losing people and they walk away from God, so the false ways are seen to be escalating out of all proportions.

No wonder we are told of  disasters and retribution to come. Disasters we’ve already seen have started.  I for one believe the predictions and can’t wait for it all to happen. It’s just sad so many innocents will have to be lost also. If the church is too lazy to work hard to protect what belongs to God, then on their heads be it, but I’m not!

Churches are emptying and they’re emptying of people who pretend to know and love God in favour of false teachings. I know they pretend to know Him, as they have replaced God with fakery and people they pay money for things God has already told them. Things they choose to ignore unless they can pay someone called a medium, or other false spirit worker, to tell them what God already did.

It is for this purpose I have to bring back my earlier books, but maybe changed a little. If they want to be sucked in, brainwashed and walk away from God, it is their choice. What they have to be taught though, is they cannot serve two masters and anyone going to mediums and clairvoyants while saying they believe in God is doing just that very thing.

It is time to choose, God or Satan? A Spirituality and words that bring you true peace, contentment and that teaches unconditional forgiveness and love, or one  teaching dependence on constant readings, a false spirituality that isn’t one bit spiritual, but only filled with a desire to make you an addict so you’ll keep paying them?

The false ways are designed to make you constantly spend money to receive their brand of false comfort and peace; one that only lasts till your next fix. One that makes everything conditional on whether people do and believe in only what you do and what trained mediums tell you. One that makes you despise and ridicule those who teach what God really asks of us.

The time is coming when it will be too late for many people. Remember what Jesus said to Thomas, “…29 Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”John 20:29.

This is no different. Many people have been asked to warn you all of what is to come due to this godlessness and the constant calling up of bad spirits that are left here to roam the world once readings and their demonstrations of calling up spirits are all over.

They don’t know this is what’s happening, because they aren’t real mediums. If you or they were, all of you too would be able to see these spirits left behind, what they are and what they’re doing and would all be horrified at what it is you’re all encouraging.

Many people have predicted what is to come due to this falseness and badness that’s escalating in the world. Much is caused by the false ways Satan has lured you into by using false mediums and seers. People you actually pay to lure you away without realising this is what you’re actually doing. You are paying people to take you further from God and to their false god instead – Satan.

You can laugh, you can sneer all you like at my words, but remember them when the time comes for you to sit up and see the truth of what was warned. Blessed are those who believe and listen to the warnings and see the truth, but what about those who continue  to ignore the warnings and will only believe when they see what comes; the people who defend the charlatans and keep paying them?

What will be the outcome for the many priests and religious who have failed to protect the flocks they said they would look after for God? Their neglect has seen many souls lost – are you one of those lost souls?

No matter who you listen to or believe, it is up to you to test the spirits yourself. It is up to you as an individual to save your own soul. To either believe in the one true God, or the many false ones you buy each time you go to the people or places who sell readings and demonstrations of spirit and angel channelling. On your heads be it, but don’t say none of you reading this was warned, because you have been – over and over.



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