Guide to Mediumship and Healing

In the last few months, I was feeling very strongly I had to revise and properly edit How to Know if You’re a Medium and A Guide’s Guide to Mediumship and Healing. I have been very remiss and not done either. Today, I was driven to re-publish them regardless and have done so.

I had started the revisions and editing, but obviously wasted too much time, so it is with great embarrassment I have put them out there again as they originally were. I am told by all the people who have e-mailed me over the years how much these two books helped them and who say they are much needed. I do hope they help you.

I will get around to revising them at some point and will update the files, but for now, it is time for them to be back in circulation. You will see from the two books above, how I was guided as they guided you, from man’s ways into God’s.

These two earlier books are still partly with man’s ways. They are done this way, as heaven hopes, should you choose man’s path, you will do so ethically and honestly in the ways they guide you.

In books one and two, they lead us from where we start asking questions and wanting to learn what’s going on, to present day books where, once we leave man’s ways behind, it is hoped we will work in God’s ways only.

The differences are clear from earlier to later books for anyone wanting to see how very different both ways are and how anyone listening to only God, will change the ways they use their gifts and when.

There are similarities at certain points, but the outcome and the purpose they are used for is where the huge differences lie. Man’s teachings in how to develop and work are vastly different to heaven’s as you’ll see reading each book in turn. Only you can decide which ways you’d rather, God’s ways or man’s.

Book three – for those who wish to read them in order – would be, Are Medium’s Real. That book takes you on my path and journey from start of confusion and realising I had things happening I wasn’t sure what to do with, to me going to all the places most people end up.

It was at such places I realised what they were saying and doing was nothing like genuine ability or gifts given from God that happen naturally. It is due to knowing all the different ways and teachings from first hand experience, I am able to teach and guide others just how different they are and why some are of God, but how the majority aren’t.

Book four is Predictions and Prophecies. That is a book of predictions about future events and how man needs to change. It was originally titled, The Spirit World Speaks, and I very naughtily changed it to the present title today, thereby losing all its reviews. You can, however, see some of them at this link. The predictions are seen to be happening and are scarily accurate.

The next two books are where I have been working purely with heaven and it can plainly be seen the last of man’s ways have gone totally. Voices from Heaven and Heaven is Guiding Me show how vastly different working for God is to working in spiritualism, new age or other ways of man.

The latest book was You are God’s Church and is explaining how we as individuals are God’s church, not buildings or religions. It is a book for believers and non believers alike, as it teaches us how we can become united, rather than divided as we all are right now.

There are very few reviews on all my books, because for some reason, people seem to prefer to write to me instead of doing reviews which help the books be seen and read further. So, if any of you have read and enjoyed the books and would like to do reviews, it would be greatly appreciated. 🙂 Thank you, Lorraine

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