Starve to Death all Severely Disabled

The title is a shocker isn’t it – or is it? I don’t wish to be doom and gloom, but I have to say my heart hangs heavy this morning, as the above title is exactly what a huge majority of people want to see happen.

Many of us can see how people have changed since we largely became a godless society, but until yesterday, I never realised just how bad it’s become, or how horrendously people think and would behave given the opportunity.

The badness, the false empathy and caring is beyond anything I can comprehend. Last night I found it difficult to sleep, what I’d read was lingering in my mind as I tried to make sense of it all. Out of thousands of people, only a handful expressed disgust and horror at what they were reading and seeing.

A mother is saying how she wants her severely disabled daughter she’s cared for all these years to be left to die. She wants her starved to death and all medical aid stopped. I can understand the woman must be worn out and seeing your child in such a way must be heart wrenching, but to say you want her starved to death!

Reading that was sad enough, but what has left me mentally shocked and unable to accept, is the thousands, yes thousands, who agree with her. None of them has heard a word a doctor has to say, no doctor as far as we know has ever said she should be allowed to die, but people are all saying no one should be allowed to live if mentally or physically unable to fend for themselves. Their excuse, they say they have no quality of life.

How shocking is this? Not one of them can see what they’re saying is wrong. Every single one of them attacked, in the most vicious and mocking of ways, any person daring to speak of God saying only He has the right to take life. The way they also spoke of God was horrendous, truly horrendous.

One woman, calling herself a priest, but actually a Church of England vicar, has  sided with killing this child. What’s more, she has publicly said over fifty percent of Christians are for ending life of the severely disabled. How is she a vicar professing to guide anyone in the ways of Christ? All I can say is, she is no follower of Christ and nor are any others who say the same thing.

Whatever your thoughts on this are yours, but I want you all to just think for one moment about Hitler. Yes, Hitler, the man everyone called bad and mad. I want you to think about Hitler and how he had the severely disabled left to starve to death just as these people want.

Before too long, he decided this should be extended to others with differing forms of disability he thought meant their quality of life had gone. Before too long, other disabled people, including those with Alzheimers were not just left to starve to death, but were now actively killed.

It started with the severely disabled and progressed into anyone he thought not able to lead a full and proper life and who caused a drain on society. Here it starts again. People demanding a severely disabled child’s life should end, because they decide she has no right to live as there is no quality there.

With a mentality such as theirs who will be next? What other group of people will they next decide is a drain on society? It starts here with the little girl and them all braying for her death and attacking any Christians – true Christians – trying to defend her right to live.

Like Hitler, where will it lead to and will it be the Christians who, like before in his time, have to step in and get this stopped? If the decision is left to the Church to decide whether to fight this disgraceful behaviour and way of thinking, let’s just hope they aren’t of the same mindset of that disgraceful female vicar and the fifty percent she states are in agreement with her.

She is no Christian, she is just one more example of why I have said the church needs to be cleaned up of the hypocrites lying within them. Satan is in the world and only the blind refuse to see it.

Will you stand back and allow this badness to carry on and possibly one day become a victim of their ‘cleansing’ because you’re too old, infirm or mentally ill, or will you have the courage to stand up and fight against such things being allowed to permeate our world at a frightening speed?

It might start with the severely disabled, but nothing starts and ends in the same place. Remember that. Man is never satisfied and things have a habit of growing and spreading. Who’s to say where they’ll draw the line – or if they will?



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  1. Tina A'Court

    I agree with you Lorraine, life is sacred.I wish more people thought about that .

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