Abuse – The Truth

Abuse takes many forms and affects people in a variety of ways. From time to time, it can make us react or behave as people we aren’t normally, but we CAN come out the other side, no matter how many years it might take.

When we do, we can show the world who we really are, as we leave behind what someone, or many someone’s, turned a little part of us into.

From time to time, that other side might still show briefly until we can abolish it totally. All we ask, is people try to understand why we may react as we do to things that hit a nerve with us, things that may not seem important to you.
Allow us our healing time – for as long is it takes us as individuals.

The longer the abuse, the longer the healing takes. The important thing is, we’re on our way and with your love, support and understanding, we’ll heal much quicker.

UPDATE:  I’d like to think people would have watched the video and shared it, but so far, despite high numbers seeing the post, not one person has clicked on the video to listen to it. I don’t mind at all, but this proves the apathy of people in actual life when it comes to the abuse of others.

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  1. That’s very kind, thank you Tina x

  2. Tina A'Court

    Thank you for your video post I did listen but I couldn’t share it as I don’t do social media .x

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