Kindness is something we can give to others without it costing us anything. Imagine for one moment how it makes you feel when someone is kind to you. A good deed, warm smile, offer of help without being asked, showing respect for you as a person, or a kindness shown in so many other ways they can be.

Think for a moment about the last kind deed shown to you. Who was it, why did they do it and how did it make you feel? The lovely warm feeling and gentle smile of remembrance it brings to your face, is a gift they gave you that you can give to others.

Kindness is a gift that keeps giving. It isn’t only given at the time, but carries on when the memory of it is brought to mind by the person on the receiving end. Imagine a day where all you did was hand out such a wonderful gift to everyone you met. Imagine if everyone else did the same thing. What an incredible world we’d live in.

It’s easy to share kind words or deeds with pleasant people, but offering the same gift to those who aren’t is more difficult. However, it’s they who have the most to gain. Who knows what your kindness to them will do when you’ve walked away and whether they’ll think about it, ponder and wonder why you should be like that towards them.

Faith might move mountains, but kindness aimed towards others can move even the most hardened of hearts. They may take a little longer to be moved and to change, but it’s you who can start the ball rolling. Do kind deeds and say kind words to everyone you meet today, tomorrow and every day and you’ll see it’s not just their day that’ll be improved, but yours also.


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