God and Texas Floods

Someone sent me a message today to say her son had asked why there were so many floods being seen that are so much bigger than others before. He was confused, and asked his mother why it was happening when God said He wouldn’t flood the world again. They wanted to know if there was an answer to their question. There is.

God never lies and He did say something similar, but He only said the world would never end that way again, not that there wouldn’t ever be floods. Predictions and Prophecies seems to answer most questions anyone has and here is the answer to that particular question mother and son had today about the Texas floods.

Chapter Twelve (predictions and Prophecies)

The Heavens and the earth are to open and there are to be rains as never seen before. The Almighty has said the world will never end again through flood and this is correct, but this does not mean vast areas cannot be destroyed in this way.

Many lands are to be buried beneath the waters as mountains move and the lands are hidden from sight. The world will see huge changes to the landscapes of many countries as parts of them are to disappear and other places once thought lost forever are to reappear.

Many people will be lost and so will civilisation in those areas, as you know it today. Much of the land to go now and other bits to come back that were once lost to you all. The waters and seas of the world are to change as in the blink of an eye and none of this will be expected by anyone until it occurs.

It is to take all by surprise. The lands of ancient times are to come back in some places but not all. Not whole areas are to be destroyed in some of these countries, just parts of them. Some of this you have been told before, but there is more to come than you expect. People have ridiculed those who told them of these things to come in distant past times, but all now to happen as foretold in ancient times.

Lands and seas to be affected and the rains to be continuous in areas that have never seen rain before, which is to cause flooding in places that least expected to ever see flooding in their lifetime.
Vegetation is to grow in places where none used to grow and others will cease to fruit where once it grew in abundance…”

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