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Below are links on YouTube to my book, Predictions and Prophecies with words shared from heaven. This book is of such importance it needs to be heard by as many people as possible. Although it is available to buy at Lulu.Com, Amazon and other online stores, it has to be available for people to hear these words FREE OF CHARGE.

With regard to all that’s happening now in America with such devastation wildfires there and over other parts of the world, floods as never seen before and so much more as predicted, it would appear their words are totally accurate.

We were told disasters would happen and why and how they would become closer and closer together and of greater magnitude unless their words were heeded. This is exactly what has been happening over the last five years since they asked me to share their words from heaven.

They said this had to happen to make people start to question what is happening and make them sit up and take notice. We are now seeing people doing this very thing.

I have read each chapter slowly, so as to make it easier to understand for those whose first language is not English. It also helps the words to be taken in before the next part is said. Please feel free to share any of the chapters with others and to leave comments on the videos if you so wish.

Other words I was given three years ago were these:-

“…Changes due to come to America as forces there are to take place that will cause upheaval in some areas. It is to be of natural cause and not man made. We are to tell you of this but cannot tell you where as things have to take their course.

It will be obvious when the times come that these are the events of which we spoke. They are to happen in the order of natural laws and are to show man what happens if he changes not his ways. It is not to be too disastrous to human life but will devastate parts of their country and landscapes shall be changed. Not too long in the future before the first of these is to take place.

Man is to change his ways if things like this are not to happen all over the world. Many things now to change in many countries due to the way man behaves. In time, some shall start to alter the course of how man lives today. There are those who are to spread the word for us.

Some shall be ridiculed and laughed at, but they shall continue in their work and there are those who shall listen and help spread the word. In time as disaster follows disaster, they shall start to dwell on the words we have given them and in time start to rethink their ways and how they live now. No real news for them at present, but America to have many changes soon and not all for their good. Wait to see what direction this is to take…”

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