Catholic Church and Exorcism

Why does the Catholic Church have exorcists, yet refuse to help anyone coming to them for guidance about supernatural matters before it gets to that stage? They are very remiss at ignoring what has been a problem for so long. A problem that’s escalating rapidly.

Despite them knowing and saying how many more people are coming to them for help in such matters, they still arrogantly ignore the problem at initial stages hoping it’ll go away. Well it won’t, not unless someone does something about it.

It is all good and well saying they exorcise people, believe in spells being cast, that Satan is working on poor souls and that they’ll help anyone affected in such ways, but they don’t. They wait until it is too late.

What they should be doing, is advising and teaching about such matters as standard practice before there is a problem. Instead, they ignore anyone coming to them, ignore what is happening worldwide with false spiritual practices and then wonder why so many are affected and involved.

The priests and the Church as a whole – every Church not just Catholic – should be teaching about such things in fullness before it becomes a problem, not after it already has. They should also be teaching what happens when people call up spirits – such as at shows with mediums who profess to speak to the dead or in private ‘readings’.

People who play with Ouija boards and think it harmless fun is another huge problem. Even shops are now selling such things to little children in toy departments for goodness sake. How can this even be legal? Are people really so daft that they think they can speak to the dead and yet at the same time say they don’t believe in evil spirits?

Many have been heard to say they were frightened to death when playing with Ouija, but what do they think happens to those spirits they called up that frightened them? Where do they think they go once the people calling them up have finished playing with them? Do they really think they go back from whence they came?

Sadly yes, they do think just that very thing, because false teachers tell them they do. Those same teachers tell them Ouija is safe if done properly. It never is, it’s just they can’t recognise it isn’t, as they aren’t gifted and have no clue what’s still hanging around. If a person isn’t naturally gifted, they’re unable to see or feel spirits. That’s why they need to see tricks done.

The Church talks of the charismatic movement helping in deliverance with prayers said by them, but that is laughable. None of them have a clue what they’re doing or what supernatural gifts actually are or how they work. They have people without any knowledge teaching about such matters, because it fits in with the Church’s refusal to act properly.

The Church is dying due to their own fault. False gifts and practices are rising, as are demonic possessions and attachments. This is partly due to lack of teaching or care to their parishioners on this subject. As false ways rise, so churches are emptying, vocations to the priesthood and religious orders are almost non existent and false gods are replacing God.

The Church needs to have a good shake up in so many ways and so do the people sitting in churches. The pope is doing just that, but supernatural gifts – real and false – is a subject he needs to broach and handle in ways no one in the Church has done ever before. It needs to be done and taught about in every church worldwide.

I’ve been doing it and helping Catholics, and people of other beliefs and none, for many years now, but would love to reach more. How I’d love to get into seminaries and churches and teach them what I have been teaching others for all this time. Seminaries is where the teaching has to start, so the new priests know how to guide others and help if help is needed.

Until they do this, the problem will continue to escalate. What they need to realise is the Church is a big part of today’s problem in the demonisation of the world that we’re seeing due to its negligence in tis matter. They seem to think that by not discussing such matters it won’t happen. Well the opposite is true, it has happened and is happening more and more.

By not discussing everything about it, it’s encouraged people to go and seek answers in all the wrong places. This is why we have seen the false practices of spiritualism and New Age ways growing in frightening numbers. People are calling up spirits every day of the week all over the world, with no one warning of the dangers and explaining those dangers in full to them.

Those involved in, or supporting such ways, think them harmless, gentle, that they bring comfort and is just a bit of fun. It is none of those things, but no one involved wants to hear the truths about that. The reason they don’t, is because they prefer being told what they want to hear, rather than the truths they need to.

One day their eyes will be opened, but by then it will be too late. In fact, it already is too late. The damage is done and now, God has had to step in, just as we were told He would in Predictions and Prophecies. People ridiculed that book, but some are starting to realise it might not be so far fetched after all. They’re starting to question all they’re seeing happen and why it is happening.

We were told why and now God is repairing it in the only ways He can, because no one wanted to do as He asked of us. He asked us to come back to Him and to goodness. To pray and leave materialism and greed behind, to leave false gods behind and to stop calling up spirits as so many do.

We ignored Him and now, the results of Him claiming His world back are already showing in the many disasters of not just man’s hand, but by God’s – just as He said would happen if we didn’t listen.

We were told they were to happen and would escalate and come closer together if people continued to ignore His words. That this would have to happen till people started to listen and ask questions about why so much was happening. Till those disasters made them care once again about others and not just themselves. Till their new found goodness became constant and not forgotten quickly as each disaster was overcome, as usually happens.

I showed that book to a priest and asked to speak of such matters to his congregation. Like all others before him, he has ignored it and me. I asked if I could speak to his parishioners and teach them about all things supernatural – good and bad, but once again, nothing.

This is what so many priests do. They prefer to ignore it hoping it’ll go away. It was my last attempt with the Church. I will never offer my help again or try sharing my visions and words given from heaven with them again.

The contents of the book are also ignored by not just the Church, but by people of the world who don’t want to acknowledge the book’s contents are proving to be true.

I put the contents on YouTube free, so all could hear what heaven had to say, such is the importance of the messages from heaven that are contained in that book. Still people don’t listen or take heed.

The Church has a lot to answer for in matters of the supernatural. One can only hope they learn by their mistakes and have the humility to accept how wrong they’ve been and set to putting matters right as soon as possible. Somehow, I very much doubt it, but soon, maybe even they will have to sit up and take notice – just as the rest of the world will

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