Padre Pio

Today marks the feast of Saint Padre Pio. He was a man of our time who was afforded the supernatural gifts of God. Many were his gifts, but as the Church always does, they hid him away, because they didn’t know what to do about him and what he was able to do or know.

This is the same Church who allowed, and is still allowing, Medjugorje to go on for almost half a century. They are not teaching their people to test what is happening there. A Church that is letting their priests and religious go there in their droves and behave as fanatically as all others who go there, but who hid a man with genuine gifts.

Everyone wants to see healing, miracles, people who can foretell the future, who know things about you they shouldn’t be able to know and so much more. It is because of this lust for the supernatural that false gifts are offered everywhere we look.

Instead of hiding this man away, imagine what he could have done in teaching people about genuine supernatural gifts of heaven; how they happen, how they should be used and more important, how they shouldn’t. Instead of using him in their churches to teach people and guide them away from false ways, they hid him away.

Why is the Church so obstinate when they know people do have gifts that cannot be mistaken for being genuine? The proof was there, unlike Medjugorje where there is none.People say there is proof, but when looked at closely, it’s able to see there isn’t.

His work and gifts produced fruits able to be seen, Medjugorje has produced none, despite claims as such. Why do they allow one thing so obvioulsy not genuine and yet hide away someone with gifts so precious they should be used for work and used as God intended they should be to teach and guide others?

Why did they wait till he died and then make him a saint? What is the purpose of that? They missed their chance to really bring more people to God and to have this incredible man teach us truths in humble, but straight talking ways such as he had.

He might have been humble, but he also had great strength and no fear about speaking up and saying what people didn’t want to hear. He said what people needed, not what they wanted. He got angry at those pretending and lying and displeasing God while pretending to be pure and good. Like me, he had no time for hypocrites.

His teachings to us all could have been exceptional, they are exceptional, but how much more so had we all been allowed to hear him speak and teach us when still here? Yet, now, we are expected to accept his saintliness. A saintliness they themselves wouldn’t accept or recognise when he was alive, but that others did.

What they should have done, and should still be doing, is using people such as Padre Pio to teach the masses so they aren’t taken in by false ways and ‘gifts’ as they are at places such as Medjugorje. He didn’t do generalities anyone could say with nothing tangible as they’re doing there, he was specific and left no one in any doubt at all about the message and the consequences.

Unlike those who preach and talk only about love and pander to ego’s, he often got angry at how people wanted miracles and healings on demand. He tried to teach why it was wrong and what the truth was, but no one would let him. His works were visible to all. His fruits were visible to all to see and yet the Church sadly allows false visionaries to flourish while hiding away genuine ones.

The world may be very mixed up right now, more than we’ve ever known, but so is the Church in its way of thinking in such matters. People need to be educated about God’s supernatural gifts, but so does the Church – badly.

Look at Padre Pio, then look at alleged visionaries of today who have proven nothing in almost forty years. The two cannot be compared – and yet they are, because still, no one has bothered to teach how to tell the difference. A difference between genuine gifts and visions and imagined ones that are never tested.

This is happening, because even the Church doesn’t know how to tell the difference and when they had a man who could teach them and us, they never listened. I wonder if they ever will.

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