Praying for Souls

Anyone who is a Christian is asked to pray for the Holy Souls who have died. Padre Pio was always praying for them and offering up mass for their intentions, but what about the souls of those still living?

To pray for someone’s soul is one of the most special gifts we can give them. Why do we wait until they have died to do it though? Why aren’t we doing it for those who are still with us? Surely it is never too early to start, after all, it is in life we are in danger of losing our souls, or not nourishing them, so it stands to reason this is when we should start praying for souls and hope someone prays for ours.

There are people who don’t believe in God and who don’t believe in praying for one’s soul, but just because they don’t believe doesn’t mean you don’t. Nor does it mean praying for them is any less beneficial. What we speak to God about is between us as individuals and God only. A gift such as prayer given in love, is a very special gift to give anyone.

You don’t have to tell them, you don’t need their permission to pray for them either. Let’s face it, how many times have you been given an unwanted gift for birthday, Christmas or other occasion, but that you later realise turned out to be something you ended up enjoying or using the most?

A gift isn’t always recognised for its worth until later on, so prayer can be exactly the same. Maybe one day those who have no belief will change their mind and then, they will be very grateful for your prayers said all those years before. If they don’t change their mind, does you praying for them hurt them in some way? No.

Pray now. Pray for your family, friends and for those in the world who have no one to pray for them or their souls. Don’t wait till they die to do it, start now. How wonderful if we all did this for each other and for everyone in the world. And yes, I do mean everyone – for isn’t it those whose deeds we despise or who hurt others that are most in need of such prayers?

Remember, God says to love thy neighbour as thyself and that means praying for, and helping, even those – especially those – who it is hardest to pray for. Love unconditionally, as God loves all He created unconditionally. Unconditional love doesn’t mean liking them or their deeds, as these are two very separate things. You can love them as God asks, but nowhere did He say we  (or He) had to like them or what they do. 🙂

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