Religion is Often Not about God

Religion and God are two very separate and different things. The more I see of God and his works, the more I love and want to be like Him. The more I see of certain aspects of religion and the words and deeds of those within them, the less I want to be part of one.

This is a sad thing to say, but I can see easily why so many people have walked away from their various religions. There is much badness, selfishness and greed in the world, but there are also a lot of good people. Not all of these people are part of a religion any more (if they ever were), but they are leading by example as God asks of us far more than many sitting in places of worship.

At sixty two years of age, I’ve seen and experienced a lot of things in my lifetime and some of the worst things that have happened to me in life have been as a result of religious teachings and the way people within churches have behaved. Other good things I’ve experienced are also as a result of religious teachings or certain services, but surely it should all be good if it’s meant to be from God?

The thing is, religion isn’t just about God’s word or guidance is it? Religion has become so much more about man’s than God’s over the centuries, that there is much contradiction seen in behaviour, words and deeds.

We are taught about love, forgiveness and how to be non judgemental, yet religions, and those following them, are often the worst offenders at ignoring those teachings of Christ.

So much hatred, judgments in the wrong ways (very different from judgements that come from discernment), superiority, lack of care or guidance, power struggles, division and sadly, a wanton display of wealth and spending by those who should know better, is all seen within religion.

There are people living good lives in the world who have never known God and yet they live lives far kinder and more loving than those who profess to know and love Him. It is a subject I have spoken of before, but the more I see, the sadder I become at seeing something that should be so good and pure, often being the opposite due to man’s influence and behaviour.

A place of worship should be open to all people, regardless of their lives or deeds. They should be places where we see only love, acceptance, help and guidance. We don’t have to like deeds done by others, but God asks us to love everyone as ourselves. Love and like are also very different things just as God and religion are, but so few can separate these things either.

The most judgemental people I have come across in life are sadly, those who profess not to be judgemental – whether within a religion or not. When I look back over the years of my life, it is with a mixture of gladness and sadness. Gladness that I was taught about God and know Him, sadness because those who claim to know Him rarely behave as He asks of us, despite thinking they do.

Knowing God has helped me through sadness and badness aimed at me in life and many trials. Knowing Him has given me strength, courage and fortitude. How lucky I am to have been taught about Him, to know Him and to have let Him into my life. I’m sad to say, religion only offered me small parts of those things, but mainly, it has let me down – badly.

Religion is good when it is about just God, but it becomes bad when man’s ways are put into into play and take over. Sadly it seems it is more about man’s ways and rules than God’s now though. It is these parts we need to see taken out of religion. Until they are, more and more will continue to walk away.

I so badly want to be part of a community of like minded people, but these days, an empty church means far more to me than any filled with people. I only know first hand about Christianity, but have heard many people of other religions say they feel the same about theirs as I do mine.

Knowing people of different faiths, I have to say, their behaviour is often as I find with most Christians – a very mixed bag and mostly, not as one would hope to find. As time goes on and my years ahead are fewer, the more I love God with all my heart and the less I like religion.

It is for this reason God has been giving all the warnings He has, but the ones who ignore His warnings the most, are those who profess to believe in Him. Need I say more?

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