God is Claiming Back His World


“Pray, pray like you have never prayed before, as the hour is now upon your world for disaster to befall many who have hurt my beloved son.”

Excerpt from – Voices from Heaven

Angels rejoicing and swarming together. Strange words to use – swarming but it is a gathering of angels as they appear excited at what is about to occur. White and gold they are all white and gold. Mainly white with gold outlines and these have great wings unlike others I have seen before. Is this just a vision to help me know they are angels? Am not sure, but they are great in number

They are gathering to watch what is to unfold and they are like little children waiting to go to a party. These angels are not the higher ones I am told. They are the lesser beings created that normally attend those on earth in smaller and lesser means than the great things and works as done by the greater creatures that are closer to God’s side and do His most important works. These great ones are now to start their work in earnest and the young ones, as they are thought of, are gathered there to watch it start to unfold before them.

All visions I am being given at this time and no words needed today I am told. Only signs to show there is a gathering now taking place in the heavens and there is great excitement as they prepare for what is to now start happening with the world and all in it. The time has come and it is now upon us and they are there to watch as it starts as told me.

It is not to be as great as end times and is not as we read just now, but this is the start of God claiming back His world and the start of much to happen now over many lifetimes of those who dwell on this earth of ours. Now it is to start as told us, but much to happen in lesser ways than those told us of the end times.

These events are to show us how bad end times will be. This is to be a much smaller event for the world, but to us as humans, it is to be of huge proportions and almost thought of as biblical. It is indeed just that, but not anywhere near as big as what is to come at the end. This is but a small taster and will still be enough for people to find too much to bear when they see just how great all is when the larger of these things to come happen.

Above is an excerpt from one of my books with Predictions from Heaven, which shares visions I have received and words showing me what was and is to come.

Questions are at long last being asked. We were told people would ignore heaven’s warnings and predictions I was given to share with the world in favour of false predictions and claims. They’d be ignored, because otherwise, it meant people having to face the truth rather than live with no need for them to change who they are or how they live in any way.

They’d ignore these words from heaven until things predicted started coming closer and closer together and were seen to be even bigger than ever before. Until the weather changed patterns and behaved strangely, when the fires and floods would all become more severe than ever seen before.

Well, those things are happening – just as they predicted and exactly how we were told. They were right, people did ignore it until it became as now and yes, now it has become this way, people ARE starting to ask questions at long last. They ARE starting to ask if God has anything to do with this and are even working out on their own WHY He might.

Those whose eyes are starting to open are sometimes being as ridiculed as I was when first given these predictions, as ridiculed as those who believed in me when the book Predictions and Prophecies was first published five years ago. They ridiculed again when more warnings and predictions were given in Voices from Heaven and Heaven is Guiding Me. Others are being listened to at last.

People who never believed that heaven really was and is giving us warnings of what is still yet to come and why are now beginning to wonder if maybe heaven actually IS speaking to me and asking me to share such things.

It is getting harder to ignore what is contained in those books and as so much has already come true from those predictions, then we know there is far more yet to come and even bigger again.

They said the innocent will have to go with the guilty, for only by the innocent being affected will people care what’s happening – and this is so true sadly. If only the guilty were to be cleansed from the world, would anyone care? No, so sadly, it has to be this way for people to listen to God and what He is telling us.

Far fewer people are laughing now and ridiculing such predictions and prophecies. God help us all and God help all who will be affected. Pray, pray as never before, just as we’ve been asked to do for so long now.

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