My Work is Done – For now

In recent years, I have been told about things that are to happen to the weather, to various countries, about disasters, the pope (and behind the scenes at the Vatican), personal matters and even about terrorist attacks.

Those of you who have read my books know what those predictions and prophecies are, how many have come true and how many are yet to be proven correct.

One thing I have always done in my work, is teach people the necessity for testing the spirits of the living and the dead. Testing the hearts of those who are living and the purpose behind their alleged teachings and spiritual work. Is it to better themselves and you bringing all closer to God, or is it to make money and elevate themselves in the eyes of others?

Who or what is it that comes to you from the spiritual realms with words and visions or with teaching about spirituality? It doesn’t matter if it happens naturally, that doesn’t mean it is still definitely from the right place, but it is more likely to be. No one should ever call up spirits or try to connect with them or all they’ll get is deceiving ones. However, those that come unbidden can also deceive and aren’t always who or what we think they are.

There comes a time when we should call things a day. That day has come for me for now. I’ve had enough of this work, because I am not sure now where it is all coming from and won’t be party to anything not of God. I have also realised there is nothing more to say. It’s all been said and shared and now it’s up to all of you if you want to believe it and take heed or not.

I teach people that when we’re told things to come in either visions, words or thoughts, it should all come true – one hundred percent of it. Much of what I’ve been told has come true and exactly how I was told it would all happen. Quite a bit still hasn’t. For all we know it might still come to pass, but how long are we meant to wait?

I am not going to be as those people who sit and talk for forty years or more about heaven and just constantly repeat what I’m being told and asked to share. What is the point? There are enough like that out there doing this and I don’t need to be added to their number.

Yes, people have come back to God due to my work so I’m told. They say they’ve come to know Him, bought bibles to read and been guided away from false ways and taught how to test. However, as much predicted has yet to happen that was told to me, I won’t sit and keep harping on about it. Instead, I am walking away. If it happens as told us, fine. If it doesn’t, then it’s as well I did walk away from it.

This is yet another good lesson for those who have been following all I do. Let it be seen that I have done what I teach others to do, walked away when in doubt as to where it is all coming from. Is three years too long to see specific predictions we were told were upon us, or not? Is it my impatience due to being of man? Is it right to expect maybe we should have seen results by now if from God, or am I pushing to see God’s timetable when I shouldn’t?

The visions were so real, I was actually taken to the places to experience it all first hand. I was put in the shoes of another person and became them for the duration of certain visions and thoughts given to me. I was allowed to know what they had been told and was in their head,. I was them while thinking about it and seeing all they saw of where they were at that time.

So much I am convinced was totally real and from heaven, but until all their words of what it meant to be ‘here now upon us’ are proven to be true, I am walking away. It is not for us to know the time God has planned for things to happen, but why tell me three years in advance of things they say are ‘upon us now’ and ‘it is here’ when it isn’t?

Time is different in heavenly realms I know that, and I have been allowed to feel how that time is also, but this is taking it a bit too far. Three years is not, ‘now upon you’, nor is it, ‘it is now time for this to happen’.

I have done the work God asked of me, or what I thought was God, his Holy mother, the saints and other heavenly beings who came to me, but now it is time to walk away. If God means for me to work for Him again, I have no doubt I will, but not until all I have been told so far has been proven to be correct and I mean, everything that was told to be ‘now upon us’.

There is far more I have been given privately that is so detailed, but I can’t tell that to you. It is not to be revealed to everyone. If and when it too comes true, then it is proof to me all else is also true – so I’m told and will only be for certain eyes other than mine.

I was going to have a short break, but the break has actually been far longer in reality as I have been very lapse in writing recently. I was told it would be a long rest this time, but I tried hard to keep the blog going and pages despite being told that back in February. It is too difficult to keep it going now as there is nothing more new to say right now.

All that needs to be said has been. I will leave the blog up as there are over 600 blog posts for people to see should they so wish. It will also be there when I come back to this work. That’s IF and when the specific detailed predictions given happen and I am told to start work again. Maybe that will be in a few days, weeks or months. Only God knows how long that will be. In the meantime, I might write and odd blog post here and there, but they won’t be for teaching.

The pages on Facebook are the same, they too will stay up, but I won’t be teaching or guiding on them either. For now, I ask you to keep being vigilant about false spirits, test everything you hear, see or are told. Keep praying for the world and keep digging deep inside trying to learn how to be better in ways God asks of us all as individuals.

I will be writing the third book in the Heavenly Diaries at some point, because this year is one I feel people need to hear about for their own guidance and knowledge of what can happen when Satan comes calling in all his many guises.

For now though, my work is done and I’ve said all I have been asked to share with everyone. There is no more to say. Word has spread far, but for now, it stops. Who knows if I will have more visions or words to share and who knows if all I have been given will come to fruition – only time will tell and only God knows the answer.

I hope one day soon to be back at work and doing what it is I’ve been told lies ahead of me, but for now, it is time to hang my hat up and wait like the rest of you to see what comes to pass. It is also time due to heaven staying quiet for so many months now. I am meant to have the rest they said I was to have in preparation for what lies ahead. I’ve fought against it since February, but now, I’ve given in.

This is testing of the spirits in action. I walk away until it is proven to be one hundred percent correct. Not ninety percent, but one hundred percent. Much has happened as you know, but it all has to happen in order to prove it is of God. Until I have that proof, I am standing back. I also walk away, as they are quiet and I do not ever call on them to come to me. They decide when to come, not me.

My books are out there for anyone wanting to read them, as are my pages for those wanting to scroll down and see what has been said over the years. I hope to be back with you all very soon, but for now, I wish you a happy, healthy and joyous Christmas and New Year. May God’s blessings rain down upon you, your family and loved ones. God Bless.

Lorraine x

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