God’s Hand now Very Visible in our World

With all the turmoil being seen in the world, especially over the winter months and now the summer, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to remind you all how this was predicted. It is happening exactly as told us. It started to grow slowly and is developing and growing just as heaven said it would.

Everything is coming closer and closer together, getting bigger and bigger and breaking all records, yet still, people wish to bury their heads in the sand and pretend it has nothing to do with God trying to make the world open their eyes to how they live. Far more is still to come even bigger.

Read a couple of small excerpts from the book, Predictions and Prophecies and try to deny you can’t see this is what’s happening right now.

28th September 2017

“…The next few months are to be filled with more than the world can accept as it is all to start happening now more and more in earnest as warned to you and others for you to share with the world. None listened but a few. They are now to see what is to become the world due to their ignoring the warnings and their continued badness and greed. It now has to change and life not to be as many have known it again in some places due to what is to occur now. ...”

Below:  as given to TL in Canada January 28th 2012 and shared from Predictions and Prophecies 

“…Many of our workers in your world will be called upon to help give our warning of what is to happen. Church leaders and other religious sects will not take heed to the words we have given you as signs of destruction to many lands.

     Many world leaders will also pay no heed, as they have their minds full of hatred, greed and power and will bring your world to such great destruction that all living things will be affected.

    Nature will no longer flourish as you know it now and there will be extinction of many animals. This then will affect the food supply to mankind and famine will be at its worst. Not just for the countries that suffer now in this state, but for many countries around the world.

     There will be a cloud of darkness hovering in your sky that will remain for a long time as the rains devastate and the waters of your world cause peril to many places.

    The water supply will be contaminated and cause diseases to the people. Outbreak of diseases will cause death to your people and these diseases will spread near and far.

     The air will be polluted with the aftermath of all that is to come and this then will affect people as they take in their air.

     The earth will move and open, and cities will be lost in the underground. Thousands will come to their death and many innocent people will suffer the after effects that will be left from all this destruction.

    Many countries will have climate changes, where it was once warm, will now be colder and where it is colder will now become warmer. Blame and retaliation will cause upheaval to your world, for many will be looking for answers as to why all this has happened.

     Some will turn to science to lay the blame, but for the ones who have faith and the ones who will turn back to their faith, they will understand that God has watched for so long and is now here to let your world know that this will not be the way your world is to live…”  

27th June 2014 – Given these words below.

     O blessed mother conceived without sin pray for us today as we come to you in recognition of your son’s sacrifice for us. We ask that you may help us in our hour of need and that you might bless all those who live in your son’s name and do His bidding. Look with mercy upon us and pray for our souls that we too may one day come to His heavenly Kingdom where He reigns forever and ever amen.

Then, I was given :-

 Pray, pray like you have never prayed before as the hour is now upon your world for disaster to befall many who have hurt my beloved son.

25th August 2014

“…on this journey of teaching the world what it is they do that brings this upon them all. Much has to be changed if things are to improve for them and the world. Disaster is now to follow disaster, as one thing after another follows each other until people sit up and take notice of what is happening and the places they occur…”

“..Then to be those things that occur by God’s hands to show the world how they live is wrong…”

 1st September 2014 (below, the place was named where this is to happen and has been publicly stated and recorded)

“…The earth is already protesting, but no one is aware. Rumbles are to be felt in the far distance away from where the major epicentre of this is to be, but no one will recognise it is to be at a place far from where the rumblings are now taking place.

     They think this is where the problems will be, but instead they are to be much further away and no one realises this.

     It has started and some has been felt already and reported, but so slight no one is taking much notice. It is travelling. Travelling under the ground to where the main fault lies and this is when all hell is to break loose.

     We say hell and this is what it is to resemble. The people and animals in its path will stand no chance, but their perishing is to be quick and sudden. No time for them to panic or know anything. Others who are to be badly hurt or injured will be different, but those to lose their lives will have no warning and it will be of a sudden. No suffering at all for them as many innocents are to go with those who are guilty…”

October 2014

 “…People come together at times of disaster and show a compassion, kindness and caring not usually seen by many any more. Once a few days or weeks have passed, they are back to being as they were before. The only way to change this is to have disaster follow one after the other as I am told is to happen. Shock people in ways that can only make them stop and wonder why it is happening…”

     How sad this is happening – or should I say has got to happen. How sad they have ignored everything they have been told and warned about. It is their fault and they have brought it on themselves, just as they were told they would.

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