God is for Everyone

For anyone believing in God, they’ll know He created everything in our world and that includes all people no matter whether of a religion or not. That being the case, why would it be said He sent His only Son, Jesus to save us all if what He really meant was just a small percentage would be saved?

Why would the agony in the garden at Gethsemane have been as it was if only for minor sins, misdeeds and a very small section of people of only one religion? In fact, as God is all knowing, why would He even bother creating anyone who wasn’t going to be a Christian if that were the case?

Religions make up their own agenda in so much of what they teach and tell us – it is misleading and wrong. It is divisive, and in some cases, hateful. I’m not against religion, so don’t please think for one moment I am, but what I am against, is how so much is made to fit their own agenda.

I get really quite offended and upset by Christian religions telling everyone Jesus died to save only them and the baptised. Nowhere did He say at anytime or any place that the rest of the world would perish and not be saved while only one group would be the chosen ones.

God may well be the one who will decide our fate on leaving this world at the very end of times, but He is also forgiving (for those who repent) and loving. Unlike humans, His love is not conditional on religion, race, colour or anything else. It is man who puts those conditions on people.

Even the truly bad are loved by Him and given a chance till their last breath to truly repent and be saved. He despises their deeds, but He still loves them. He desperately wants them to see the error of their ways and eventually have a chance to save themselves. That is what love is. Hate the deed, love the person.

That being the case, why would He then say no one apart from Christians and the baptised are to enter heaven and be with Him in Paradise? He doesn’t, man does. The wording about coming to His father through His Son has been twisted to be made as man wants it to mean, rather than as Christ meant it.

Religions all need to stop being so divisive and conditional and accept all people for who and what they are regardless. Until religions and those leading them learn to give unconditional love to all mankind, they will not be doing as God asks of us all. Thank God this present pope is working hard at doing this. That is why so many love and respect him, it’s because he respects all of them and knows God’s love is all encompassing.

This divisive and conditional attitude is what divides us all from each other rather than bringing us together. This is why we have so much hatred in the world, as one group fights another for supremacy. How many different Christian religions are there all calling themselves one thing, but fighting each other?

Have different religions by all means. Have differing beliefs within those religions if you must, but stop telling everyone only yours is the right one and only yours will save them. Stop telling people that unless they follow a religion – any religion – they cannot know or love God. Yes they can.

To fight badness, we need to come together, not keep fighting each other. To fight against all that’s wrong in the world, we have to do what is right. We have to spread compassion, caring, unconditional love and acceptance of each other and come together as one. Until we can do this, religions will continue to lose people and souls belonging to God. They are not yours to lose.

God is there for every single one of us, whether others approve of our lifestyle choices and who we are as individuals or not. All that matters to God is that we try our hardest to be good people, caring people, loving people and will repent all we have ever done wrong, no matter how small or how big.

He wants us to try hard never to do those things again, but He understand we are human and that to err is human. If we were perfect, we would already be in Paradise and not here to learn lessons from our mistakes.

To love others as God loves us, and to be as good and pure hearted as we can to man, beast and the planet, are the ONLY requirements to be loved and saved by God. This is what religions and leaders should be teaching, not the divisive ways so many seem to prefer.

God loves you unconditionally and is forever with you when you need Him. Never forget that no matter what anyone else tells you. If  you remember this, you will never be alone in life again.

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