Christianity and Abortions

Whether to have an abortion is something between you, God and your conscience. Every situation is different and each person has to make their own mind up whether to do it or not. Unfortunately, there is a new breed of woman who is aggressive and uncaring enough about what abortion actually means. This woman thinks it is her right to use it for birth control and to just ‘get rid’ – their words not mine.

Again, this has to be their choice as God gave us all free will. What is not acceptable is what I saw yesterday. A woman praying to God to allow abortions for this purpose as she is pro abortion and wants Him to answer prayers allowing it for everyone regardless. This woman professed to be a Christian and said God loves us all and forgives all things.

What she seems to not understand, is that God does NOT forgive all things if wrong and done deliberately, with forethought and without any repentance afterwards. He most certainly wold not answer a prayer such as hers and yet she says ‘her god’ – again her words, would.

This is the sort of Christian we could do without. This is not a Christian, this is someone who just calls themselves one. She also says it is always acceptable in God’s eyes to have an abortion if raped – no it isn’t. It is your choice, but it doesn’t mean it is acceptable in God’s eyes. Life is sacred, whatever way it is conceived.

An innocent baby is not who raped a woman. A baby conceived even in such a dreadful way has every right to life just as much as the worst of people in this world do. It is horrendous to be raped and to then find oneself pregnant even worse. For some women, that pregnancy can be torture knowing why it happened and that the baby inside her was from someone who did such a dreadful thing. For others, they see only an innocent baby that deserves to be born and loved.

There is also such a thing as adoption for those who can’t face keeping the child once born. After all, there are many other women desperate for a child who cannot conceive and would give it a loving home. Never, ever can any woman pretend when she kills an unborn child that it is God’s will. It isn’t, it’s only her free choice He gave to us all to see how we would use it. Never ever would a true believer in God think it acceptable to pray asking Him to allow abortions freely either.

It is this type of ‘Christian’ that makes a mockery of saying they believe in God. It is this hypocrisy that sickens me. It isn’t the deed done so much, as that is their choice and God gave them a right to make a choice. No, it is the hypocrisy of people pretending God condones it and would answer a prayer asking for all to do it whenever they wish.

The false idealism today of people who think that just by calling themselves by a title of ‘Christian’ allows them freedom to behave as they wish is sickening. Do as you please as is your right, but stop pretending God made you do it or answered a prayer saying you can do it. No matter any of your choices in life, they are yours, not God’s.

There are those who do feel very deeply and don’t make such a decision lightly. They are the ones who do it for reasons of their own, but who know the gravity of what they do and who then often live the rest of their lives remorseful and begging God’s forgiveness. These are not the ones we talk of here, it is the cold, heartless ones who think they can do as they please with no conscience or remorse I am speaking of.

There is no conscience in such people and yet they pretend to be holier than though, attacking anyone who shows and explains one must be remoresful to attain God’s forgiveness. They swear, attack, mock and ridicule showing the true colour of their hearts.

This is not being a Christian, no matter what title they give themselves. This is not Christianity either, nor is it a follower or believer in God. Being a Christian, or any lover and believer in God no matter whether of a faith or none, it does not give anyone carte blanche to do as they please and then say God will forgive them.

He won’t, but we’re seeing far too much of this thought pattern and behaviour in so many things these days, but this pro abortion stance seen everywhere is now out of hand. Not one person standing for or supporting it is a true believer of God.

Sadly, this lax attitude of anything goes is within God’s Church today in too many cases. Far too many people living as they want and making God fit around their lives, wants and behaviour whether right or wrong.  Christians calling for abortions by right to be used as birth control is just one more thing where Satan’s influence can be seen and we need to see this changed.

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